It’s Part Of America’s History To Indict, Arrest, And Incarcerate Former And Current Members Of Both Congress And Political Administrations Who Commit Felony Charges. It Happened During Watergate. However, Present Day Republicans Are Pronouncing Going After Trump Is Purely Political And Ignoring His Decades Of Illegal And Corrupt Business And Political Practices. Former Presidents Are Regular Citizens And Must Be Held Accountable To The Rule Of Law.

America Will Not Have A Civil War If Trump Is Indicted. Trump Supporters Are Tired Of Landing In Jail For Him.

It’s hypocritical that Rep. Jim Jordan is heading a committee looking to uncover unethical actions by the DOJ and the Jan. 6th Committee. Jordan, while working as a wrestling coach at Ohio State, was accused years later by six members of the team of knowing about the sexual abuse of team members by the team physician and not reporting it. Ohio, like many red states, refuses to hold its elected officials accountable to the rule of law. Ohio investigators dropped the case.
Jordan is defending Trump’s criminal behaviors in every investigation against him. He celebrates the insurrection as a good day for democracy. He is a dangerous hypocrite who wants America to be a one-party system with only Republicans. The Constitution needs to be amended to stop allowing anti-democracy elected officials to remain in office just because they got voted into office by the people.

The Subcommittee On Weaponization is a gaslighting strategy to con Trump supporters into believing the DOJ’s pursuit of legal accountability for Trump is politically motivated without legal merit. This MAGA narrative aims to deflect against  the truth that is was their party that weaponized the DOJ under former Attorney General William Barr, who acted as Trump’s personal attorney and fixer. Examples of Barr’s abuse of his office were:

1) he misrepresented the findings of the Mueller Report that found Trump guilty of obstruction of justice, 2) he formed a bogus Trump requested investigation into the Russia probe, 3) he inserted himself into the prosecutions of Trump allies, 4) he fired people who Trump decided were disloyal and 5) he regularly met with Trump on issues that violated the standards of an independently functioning DOJ.

Trump and Barr weaponized the DOJ and, in the process, normalized a dangerous level of government corruption. Barr should be investigated for his collusion with Trump to move America toward autocracy. Ultimately, he abandoned Trump over the insurrection and the “big lie.” He stopped enabling when getting into legal trouble became the price of remaining a Trump ally. He violated his oath of office and, unfortunately got away with it.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other MAGA members of Congress are crying like babies about the probability of Trump getting indicted. However, former presidents should be held to the rule of law like any regular citizen. That’s how democracy works—however, Trump and the current Republican Party now function as an autocracy. Trump is facing multiple indictments because he has engaged in behaviors that violate the Constitution. His pattern of fraud and legal troubles did not stop Republicans from voting him into the office or voting against impeachment. Republicans have enabled his deviant behaviors, and now he has taken control of their party. The good news for democrats and independents is Trump is a loser and will keep the Republicans from winning elections.

Kevin McCarthy has no respect for America. He knew Trump was responsible for the insurrection. He knows the ” big lie” is a lie. He knew Trump was responsible for not telling the rioters to stop the attack. However, his ego-maniacal need to be Speaker is more important than defending democracy. When Trump gets indicted, no matter what the crime or evidence is, McCarthy will defend him. He should be impeached. Republican House members from moderate or blue states should grow a spine and stop the corruption in the House by opposing McCarthy’s MAGA agenda.

Donald Trump has ruined the lives of dozens of people who, over many decades, were convinced by him to engage in illegal and unethical behaviors on his behalf. Former attorney Michael Cohen and over a thousand insurrectionist Trump followers hope justice finally catches up with him.

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