In An Obviously Frightened Frenzy, Donald Trump Posted He Is Going To Be Arrested On Tuesday By The New York District Attorney. In An Insurrection-Style Post He Urged His Supporters To “Protest. Take Our Country Back.” Trump Is The #1 Domestic Terrorist In America. He Is Constantly Inciting Violence Against Democrats, Minorities And Anyone Who Opposes Him. FBI Director Christopher Wray Needs To Take Action Before Someone Gets Killed. Trump Is Finally About To Become A Defendent.

He is scared, because he is guilty. When he gets worried, he gets angry. When he gets angry, he lies more than usual, and when he is angry, he incites violence. He thinks he is above the law. However, we are still a democracy, and the cases against him aim to protect democracy. His narcissism tells him he is so important and powerful which is why the liberals are after him. The truth:Trump just happens to be the criminal breaking the law.
District Attorney Alvin Bragg has not announced that Trump is going to be indicted this week for the Stormy Daniels hush money payoff. However, most legal experts predict an indictment is imminent and Trump is clearly becoming unhinged. He has been committing crimes for decades while managing to escape justice by setting others up to take the fall for him. However, despite the proclamation that he is being illegally persecuted by liberals, Trump is finally going to stand in front of a judge as a defendant and take a mug shot.
Trump refused the invitation to defend himself to the grand jury in New York. Guilty people label those who pursue justice against them as biasewitch huntersrs. Guilty people refuse to go under oath to defend themselves. Guilty people attack the credibility and motives of those prosecuting them.

The Fulton County Georgia election interference case will probably be next in line to issue an indictment to Trump. A majority of Americans heard the tape where Trump asked the secretary of state of Georgia Brad Raffensberger to find him enough votes to overturn Joe Biden’s win in the state. This week the special grand jury in Georgia revealed they heard additional tape which revealed Trump called the state’s Speaker of the House, David Ralston, to request he call a special session of the Georgia legislature to overturn Joe Biden’s win. Trump has created a narrative that paints him as a victim who is being persecuted by the US government. This false assertion is being used by Trump to rally his base to commit political violence on his behalf.

Trump’s assertions that the investigations against him are nothing more than attempts to sabotage his presidential bid are false conspiracy theories. The accusations against him are based on factual behaviors of his that have violated laws. His autocratic political ideology tells him anything he does should be seen as within his right as a president, former president, and presidential candidate. His narcissism makes him exempt from being held to obey the rule of law. If Joe Biden had paid off a porn star, been accused of rape, falsified tax, and business records, asked a state official to falsify election results, knowingly removed classified documents from the White House and lied about it, and incited a mob to attack the Capitol to stop the peaceful transfer of power, democrats would not be defending him and supporting him to run for president. Trump’s years of illegal behaviors are catching up with him because they have risen to a level where they violate the Constitution and threaten domestic and national security.
If Trump followers and MAGA Republican politicians could set aside their pursuit of power and adoration of Trump, they would be curious to hear the facts that have led to the investigations and accusations against him. Trump’s legal problems have been caused by statements or behaviors that he has said or done publicly. Federal judges appointed by Trump have ruled against him. The Supreme Court has ruled against him. Dozens of former members of his administration, military leaders, and former attorneys have testified against him for his actions that facilitated the Jan. 6th insurrection. With Ttump, you don’t have to invent lies against him and go on a witch hunt. Blatantly, in full dictator mode, he breaks the law, dares the rule of law to try to hold him accountable, and then whines and rages he gets caught.

DA Alvin Bragg has not received a recommendation from the grand jury to indict Trump. If he is indicted, it is unknown what the charge or charges will be. The post that Trump released is a politically motivated, manipulative attempt to intimidate Alvin Bragg and escape potential prosecution. It is also an attempt to rally his supporters to continue to act as a violent mob when he signals them to do so in his defense. He is scared and desperate but in proper imposter mode, trying to work as a Putin-like strongman. History has shown that dictators and auto rats self-destruct.

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