President Joe Biden Is An Amazing Political Enigma. His Ability To Execute His Duties As President While The Republican Party Attacks Him, Degrades His Achievements And Transforms Into A Party Of Autocracy Is An Impressive Feat. Those Who View Trump, DeSantis And Other MAGA Men As Real Men Have Been Duped. President Biden Is A Real Man Who Demonstrates Conviction, Morals, Empathy, Competence And Dignity While Under Pressure And Being Disrespected.

Joe Biden protects democracy, Donald Trump attacked it. Joe Biden is not an adulterer, Donald Trump cheated on all three of his wives. Joe Biden respects and champions diversity. Donald Trump embraces white supremacist supporters and promotes racist policies. Joe Biden supports Ukraines fight to defend their autonomy and democracy. Donald Trump admires Putin and is sympathetic to his aggressive actions against Ukraine. Joe Biden is devastated by America’s mass shooting statistics and is committed to saving lives by supporting sensible gun reform. Donald Trump opposes any form of gun reform and shows little concern about mass shooting victims. Joe Biden is a church-attending man of faith. Donald Trump doesn’t attend church regularly and mocks evangelicals behind their backs. Joe Biden embraces and supports America’s allies. Donald Trump embraces our enemies and admires present and past dictators.
In a congress divided by an extremist takeover of the Republican party, President Biden has managed to pass historical bipartisan legislation to rebuild America’s infrastructure, enact gun control reforms, provide extended healthcare for veterans, and reduce reduce inflation. Unemployment is at an all-time low, approx. 12 million jobs have been created since Biden became president, NATO is more united than ever and the national deficit decreased by 1.4 trillion dollars. While Ttump and his MAGA surrogates continued to claim Biden did not legitimately win the presidency, attacked his mental fitness, and threatened to impeach him, Biden was rebuilding the middle class, reducing the cost of essential goods, and rebuilding respect for the rule of law. A real man was elected president in 2020, an insecure clown lost.
Joe Biden has suffered traumatic loses in his life. He lost his first wife and daughter in an auto accident when he was 29. He lost his son Beau to brain cancer in 2014. The pain and grief he has endured has enabled him to have tremendous empathy for those dealing with loss and grief. Trump and MAGA men exhibit faux machoism and lack the capacity ti show empathy. Real masculinity embodies confidence not insecurity. Real men don’t have to dress up like members of the military to feel powerful. Real men can show emotions other than anger and aggression. A man who has inner strength and confidence doesn’t bully others. Real men are not threatened by competition. Their self-esteem doesn’ t rely on always winning. A real man can show compassion, be gentle and cry without shame. President Biden may be 80 years old, but he doesn’t back down when attacked, he is a trustworthy husband, he defends his convictions, he doesn’t kiss up to dictators and he doesn’t need to hate others to feel powerful and superior. The fake, toxic masculinity of the men who were their MAGA hats and spew white superiority is an embarrassment to the male gender.
He can’t take criticism. He whines, attacks, blames and bullies. He dodged the draft by telling a lie about bone spurs, but insists he knows more than generals do. He craves attention and gets angry when he doesn’t get it. Consumed by insecurities, Trump spent much of his time as president seeking revenge, blaming others, and whining and complaining. The greatest gaslighting achievement of all by Trump is that he convinced masses of men he is macho. That’s the real “big lie.”

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