With Indictments Looming, Trump Should Get The Crazies Soon. Then Ron DeSantis Will Announce He Is Running For President And The Verbal Bloodbath By Trump Will Begin. His Self-Image Will Take A Hit When He Gets Indicted In The Porn Star Pay Off Scandal And DeSantis Will Become Target #1. He Will Resort To Low-Class Name-calling And Bullying. The Only Service Trump May Do For America Is To Annihilate The Cruel Autocrat DeSantis And Lead The Republicans Into Another Election Loss.

Trump’s self-esteem is so blatantly low it makes one cringe to watch him attack others to manage his shame. He was told by anarchist and convicted criminal Steve Bannon to target white, non-college educated, rural, evangelical Americans with his fear- mongering conspiracy theories and carnival shtick because they would believe whatever he said. However, Harvard educated lawyer Governor Ron DeSantis is a trigger for Trump’s imposter syndrome existence. No grown person acts that angry, dishonest, immature and cruel if they feel secure within themselves.

It’s ironic that the Stormy Daniels scandal will be the first time Trump will be held accountable for his crimes. Mr “Christian” “pussy-grabber” fooled his religious base into believing he cares about faith and decency, however, Stormy got a chunk of Trump money ( which most people who work for him don’t receive) for a reason. Stormy and Michael Cohen must feel tremendous satisfaction in making Trump the first former president to be indicted after how badly he publicly treated them. Trump voters still don’t understand the deep psychological disturbances Trump is afflicted with. Those who recognize his pathology know if he was guaranteed the presidency if he became pro-abortion he would campaign for the reinstatement of Roe v Wade. He has no ideology, no morals, and has Stormy Daniels has reported no STAMINA.

To most educated Americans, Trump’s name-calling is stupid and immature. However, calling Ron DeSantis a “meatball” is particularly juvenile, dumb and embarrassing. Trump has become a caricature of himself. He is a rerun from the past. His carnival roadshow is a desperate pursuit to regain the presidency. DeSantis is staying in control as Trump mocks him. However, he is able to ignore Trump’s nonsense because he is busy turning Florida into an autocracy by banning books, threatening the lives and autonomy of groups of people he doesn’t care about with cruel abortion bans, attacks on the freedoms of the LGBTQ community, and endangering the lives of children by promoting free carry concealed weapon laws. In comparison to the dangerous “loss-of-freedoms” DeSantis, Trump’s faux strongman shtick isn’t as scary as it once was.
Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is closing in on Trump. Although the Stormy Daniels campaign finance case isn’t the most important crime to indict Trump for, it will be the first time Trump will become a defendant in a criminal trial. Despite the 30% cult following Trump has duped, America is never going to elect a criminally- indicted person to be president. Trump has caused many of his allies to be sentenced to jail, lose their law licenses, and to lose their jobs and reputations. However, somehow this physically silly-looking, overweight old man has managed to bully and emasculate powerful men and endear star-struck women into enabling his criminal assault on America’s Constitution and morals.

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