The Republican Party Has To Split. It’s The Only Way To Stop The MAGA Movement That Has Transformed Traditional Conservatism Into A Radicalized, Extremist Autocratic Ideology. Liz Cheney Should Run For President, Give A Name To The New Party, And Draw The Silent Republicans Out Of Hiding To Choose Democracy Over Their Personal Ambitions. Cheney’s Voice Raises The Collective Consciousness About Trump’s Assault On Democracy, His Criminal Acts, And The Danger Of Trump Surrogates Serving In The Congress.

Liz Cheney voted for Ttump’s hard right policies 96% of the time. Despite that statistic, she parted with Trump on his actions against the rule of law and his autocratic interpretation of the presidency and the US form of democracy. The majority of hard-right conservatives dislike Trump and are as concerned about his assault on democracy as Liz Cheney is. However, his hold on the republican voting base, mainly comprised of the super-rich and non-college educated, white, Christian Americans has intimated GOP elected officials into silence.

Liz Cheney running against Trump would incite him to put on display his misogyny, violent nature, hatred for traditional conservatism and disdain for the Constitution. Hopefully, this would re-ignite the commitment of true republicans to publicly oppose non- MAGA conservatism. Cheney entering a run for the presidency could encourage real conservatives to fight for the survival their party and to demonstrate a commitment to country over party. The most important message for a republican running against Trump to convey is that he is an enemy of democracy and embodies all the traits of dangerous past and present dictators. Cheney’s ultra- conservative voting record would attract the hard-right who disdain and reject Trump, reject the extremism of the MAGA ideology and oppose the promotion of violence in politics.

Cheney rejects the politics and morals of individuals who champion Trump’s anti- democracy, authoritarian ideology. She has fiercely opposed the MAGA actions and rhetoric of such surrogates as:

  • Rudy Guiliani- Former Trump lawyer who spread lies about voter fraud, promoted COVID conspiracy theories, and attempted to overthrow the 2022 election.
  • Marjorie Taylor Green – A conspiracy theorist who espouses anti-Semitic, racist, ” big lie” rhetoric. She has also become a champion for and defended of the insurrection and the convicted insurrectionists.
  • Kevin McCarthy- Speaker of the House who originally held Trump responsible for inciting the insurrection but who has now made deals with MAGA members of the House to downplay the insurrection and spread the “big lie”. He also refused to comply with a subpoena to testify to the Jan. 6 the Select Committee.
  • Steve Bannon- Former Trump Administration advisor, anarcchist and conspiracy theorist who has been convicted of and sentenced to 4 months in jail. He believes a president should have absolute, unchallenged power.
  • Mark Meadows- Former White House Chief of Staff who protected and defended Trump’s actions on Jan. 6th and the spreading of the ” big lie.” He also refused to comply with a subpoena to testify to the Jan. 6th Select committee.
Her honesty and brave defense of the Constitution cost her the House of Representative seat she held in Wyoming. However, in speaking out against Trump surrogates, she is challenging members of her party to honor their oath of office and publicly oppose Trump’s criminality. In the 2022 mid-terms, Republican voters gave the majority to MAGA conservatives in the House of Representatives. In doing so they have chosen autocratic, white nationalist extremism over the conservative party of Liz Cheney. However, Cheney has promised to fight at all costs to defeat Trumpism politics and the twice- impeached president is her main target.
She has to run for president to keep her promise. She could take enough votes away from Trump and other MAGA surrogates to block their ascension to power. Her willingness to keep democrats in power over MAGA candidates demonstrates her commitment to defend democracy over party politics. By doing so she is demonstrating a gold standard level of patriotism. She is also exposing her republican colleagues as complicit in Trump’s attempt to destroy our democracy.
Cheney, along with Adam Kinzinger, aren’t letting the silent Republicans members of Congress get away with their passivity in opposing Ttump. Cheney is particularly willing to shame her colleagues silence as they do nothing to oppose Trump and his surrogates attack on the Constitution and America’s morals and norms.

Cheney scares Trump. She sees through his pseudo- machoism and knows how fear and insecurity fuels his angry, cruel nature. However, because he has figured out an effective cult- message to secure his base, Cheney realizes the threat he poses to democracy is real and is energized to block his bid for the presidency.

The majority of Trump followers must be as insecure, fearful and racist as he is. What other explanation is there to believe this gaslighting, violence-inciting message?
True conservatives should urge her to run. She is uniquely positioned to awaken Republican voters to reject Trump and the poisonous politics.

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