Trump’s Anti-Democracy “Big Lie” Suffered Another Humiliating Blow When The Georgia Special Grand Jury Declared No Consequential Election Fraud Occurred In The 2020 Election. However, Republicans Blatantly Continue To Lie To Their Voters Revealing Monumental Disrespect To Those Who Support Them. MAGA Voters Who Still Think Fox Reports News And Not Propaganda Are Embarrassing Themselves And Hurting Democracy.

The only reason Trump believes he has a chance to win the presidency is that he sees his followers as ignorant sheep who follow him despite his lies and crimes. Fox hosts have honed their hyperbolic performances to alarm their gullible viewers to believe that democrats are stealing democracy. Fox performers have trained their viewers not to require evidence to support their false assertions. Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch and performance journalists Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, and Tucker Carlson spread the ” big lie” on air and behind the scenes, admitted the Trump stolen election narrative was a fraud and called his big lie surrogates “nuts” and “crazy.” Now that the truth has been revealed in the Dominion Voting Machine defamation lawsuit, will Fox viewers realize Fox news is spreading fake words and dangerous propaganda?

Questions for Fox Viewers and Trump voters to consider:

  • “Do you notice Fox hosts offer opinions, not facts?
  • ” Why are you ok with facts and evidence not being presented on Fox news programs?
  • “Would you be ok with Tucker Carlson giving Russian TV access to the Jan. 6th insurrection video footage?”
  • “Do you routinely believe what people tell you without question?”
  • Why do you think Tucker Carlson is so popular in Russia?”
  • “What would your opinion be of Tucker Carlson if you found out he was giving inside US information to Russia?”
  • “Would you be willing to stop watching Fox if Trump asked you to?
  • ” Would you give up your social security and Medicare benefits to get Trump re-elected?” Yes or No, Explain.
  • ” Are you angry about being lied to by Fox News about the 2020 election being stolen?” If no, why?
  • ” Are you aware that Carlson, Hannity, Ingram and Murdoch have not claimed the incriminating texts and emails are fake?”
  • “Do you know Fox headliners are involved with dark money donors?” Does that bother you?” If no, explain.
  • “How do you explain why 65 courts, many led by Trump appointees, found no significant election fraud occurred in 2020 election?”
  • “Do you believe current or former presidents should be indicted for crimes they commit?”
  • ” If Fox continues to lie and spread false conspiracy theories to boost ratings, would you consider switching to Newsmax?
  • “Do you think it was ok for Trump to lie to the FBI about having government documents and to keep them hidden at Mara-a-Lago?
  • Do you believe it is possible Trump had a motive for taking the classified documents? If no, can you explain why he did it?”
  • “Do you want Carlson, Hannity, And Ingram publicly questioned on air about the texts and emails discovered which revealed they knew the election fraud claims were lies? If not, why not?
  • “We’re you ever frustrated that Rudy Guiliani and Sidney Powell claimed they had proof of voting machine fraud but never produced any evidence? If not, why not?
  • “Would you be in favor of Fox firing any of it’s hosts for knowingly giving false information to it’s audience?” If not, why not?”
Trump and the Republicans have perfected the strategy of gaslighting. They accuse their opponents of the bad behavior they are committing. It is a tactic to deflect attention away from crimes or lies they are engaged in saving. Would Republican voters accept and excuse democrats using the same tactics? If not, why do they get that behavior at their party? There should be no place in politics for hypocrisy.

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