Governor Ron DeSantis Is An Extreme Autocrat. Despite A Phony Pronouncement Of His Deep Devotion To The Constitution, He Is Ruling Florida With An Approach That Restricts The Rights Of People Who Do Not Share His Alt-Right Views. The LGBTQ Commnity, Women, And Students Are Currently Groups Who Stand To Suffer The Most. Desantis’s Extreme Alt-Right Ideolgy Is Dangerous Because He Deeply Believes It Is The Right And Only Direction For America To Go As A Country.

Unlike Trump, DeSantis favors ideologies that win him votes and power. DeSantis really deeply believes in his alt-right ideologies. In true dictator- style governing, DeSantis is changing certain truths about America’s history by censoring it and unilaterally deciding what books teachers can use in the classroom. Topics on the chopping block through the DeSantis “Stop Woke Act” are:

texts that tell uncomfortable or unpopular truths about our nation’s origins, including inequality, race, history, gender, sexuality, power and class – a range of subjects that a small but vocal group of Americans would prefer to ignore or deny.”(The Guardian, Feb. 9, 2023). The Guardian article further explains these DeSantis book-banning policies give him and his MAGA followers control to restrict the teaching of America’s full history and denies the majority of students access to the comprehensive education they have a legal right to learn. The “Stop Woke Act” also restricts discussions on topics DeSantis has decided are offensive, unnecessary and unlawful in his state. Teachers much conceal books that have not been officially approved and vetted by the state ( him). Potential for teachers and administrators to be jailed is high based on the pervasive, arbitrary restrictions of the “Stop Woke Act”.

DeSantis is a younger, worse version of Trump because his hateful policies are based on his elitist, racial superiority. In contrast, Trump’s hate speech is primarily intended to win votes from the base. Trump is the ultimate political puppet. If Trump were told he had a guaranteed win for the presidency if he embraced the LGBTQ community, he would invite Ru Paul to Mara-a- Lago and offer him a cabinet post. Desantis’s “Don’t Say Gay” law would be cancelled by Trump if the gay vote would put him back in office. President Obama told Americans that Donald Trump was not an ideologue. He was warning us that Trump only cares about himself, power, money and the adoration of voters.
How do those sixty-something Floridian babyboomers feel about getting up from the lounge chair and getting back to work? DeSantis doesn’t seem to have compassion for any American demographic who isn’t alt-right Christian. The gays should lose rights and go back in the closet, women should suffer government forced births despite any threat posed to their physical and mental health, black history should be restricted because it makes white people uncomfortable and the Holocaust is off limits because it’s too upsetting to study. The narrative that Florida is a beacon of freedom is the DeSantis ” big lie.”
Like Trump, DeSantis has had a mission to vilify Barack Obama. DeSantis’s 2011 book Dreams From Our Founding fathers is an attempt to “undo exactly what Barack Obama had done: write himself into the national imagination as an emblem of historic, yet distinctly American, change.His book explains his fierce reaction to any attempt to discuss the role of racism in America’s past.” DeSantis saw Obama’s vision of America as going against the vision of the founding fathers. That should scare black Americans to vote in great numbers in 2024.

“For DeSantis, would-be reformers like Obama, who misunderstand the role of slavery in our history, are themselves the root of the problem in our politics.” The only concession DeSantis makes for change is that it must be conservative change as he interprets the founding fathers’ intended. Interpretations of change that deviate from originalist thought, like Obama’s vision of America were rejected by DeSantis. He is taking Florida backward into a conservatism that is racist, outdated, and dangerous. Democrats must counter the narrative that today’s America could ever elect this person as president.

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