To Acknowledge The One Year Date Of Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine, President Joe Biden Proudly And Bravely Represented The United States As He Walked The Streets Of Kyiv With President Zelenskyy This Week. Biden Also Went To Poland And Delivered A Speech That Sent A Resounding Message Of Support To Ukraine’s Fight For Freedom And For Democracies Around The World. President Biden Is The Right Man For The Times. Thankfully, He Definitively Defeated Donald Trump In The Fraud-Free 2020 Election.

With sirens blaring, President Joe Biden walked the streets of Kyiv with President Zelenskyy highlighting Ukraines success against Russia’s failed attempt to overtake the city. One year ago, Russia predicted it would occupy in Kyiv days after the invasion. This photo of Zelenskyy and Biden sends a powerful message to Putin and the world that the American President and Congress will stand with Ukraine in it’s fight to protect it’s democracy.

In April of 2019, then President Trump and his attorney Rudy Guiliani made it clear to newly elected President of Ukraine Volodomyr Zelenskyy they wanted him to investigate Trump’s opponent for the presidency, Joe Biden. It was widely reported that Zelenskyy did not plan to carry out Trump’s request but was concerned how to navigate the pressure from Trump without losing greatly needed US military aid. Colonial Alexander Vindman overheard the conversation where Trump made it clear to Zelenskyy that he wanted him to at least announce that Ukraine would investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. Colonial Vindman reported what he heard to his superiors and Congress impeached Trump because of his attempt to withhold military aide to Ukraine for political gains.

After his visit with President Zelensky in Kyiv, President Biden delivered a speech in Warsaw, Poland to a crowd of over 30,000 cheering Polish citizens. Some of his most memorable comments were:

  • “The United States and it’s allies will always have Ukraine’s back”
  • Democracies of the world will stand guard over freedom today, tomorrow and forever,”
  • Kyiv stands strong, Kyiv stands tall.”
  • “We have to have security in Europe,” Biden said at the presidential palace in Warsaw. “It’s that basic, that simple, that consequential.”
  • He declared NATO as “maybe the most consequential alliance in history,” and it’s “stronger than it’s ever been despite Russian President Vladimir Putin’s hopes that it would fracture over the war in Ukraine.”
  • “He described the conflict as “about freedom of democracy at large.”
  • “For all the disagreement we have in our Congress on some issues, there is significant agreement on support for Ukraine.”

As Biden makes America great on the world stage by defending freedom and democracies worldwide, alt-right Russia-friendly members of Congress oppose his efforts. Republicans who support the US efforts in Ukraine need to reject the anti-democracy wing of its party publicly. Districts that keep sending these militant, racist, pro-Putin people to Congress are complicit in their threat to our democracy. MAGA fanatics like Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Green, Lauran Boebert, Paul Gosar, Speaker McCarthy, and others are degrading America’s image worldwide. Opposing support of aid to Ukraine defending their sovereignty proves these members of Congress are faux patriots who love democracy only because it allows them to own assault weapons, be openly racist, and once elected make it impossible to lose their jobs.

These are the enemies of American democracy. Instead, they oppose a fake, racist, alt-right Russia-friendly democracy.

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