Trump has An Obsession With The Death Penalty. Rolling Stone Reports He Wants To Bring Back Firing Squads, Hangings, Guillotines. He Also Supports Televised Group Executions. Donald Trump Is Violent. When He Announced His Candidacy In 2015 He Said, ” I Could Shoot Someone On Fifth Avenue And I Wouldn’t Lose Any Votes.” While He Was President, He Inquired If Immigrants Trying To Cross The Border Could Be Shot In The Legs. He Also Inquired If The US Could Shoot Missiles Into Mexico. He Incited Armed Rioters To Storm The Capitol on Jan.6th, 2020. He Is Unfit For Office And Needs To Be Rejected By His Party.

He talks angry. He acts angry. He likes angry people. He is attracted to dictators who have innocent people killed. He was indifferent to people dying of COVID and angry at the scientists for telling the truth about the threat of the virus. He has encouraged law enforcement to be violent with people in custody. He has joked about being sexually aggressive with women, i.e, grabbing them by the pussy.” His attraction to physical violence and aggression should scare anyone away from putting him back in power.

The Rolling Stone article ( Feb.14, 2023) also reported, “according to a source who has direct knowledge of the matter, Trump privately mused about the possibility of creating a flashy, government-backed video-ad campaign that would accompany a federal revival of these execution methods.” It is a chilling thought to imagine sitting in the room while Trump, in all seriousness, proposed his death penalty fantasies. A loyal spokesperson for Trump says the accusation he proposed a government ad campaign is “fake news.” However, associates of the former president say they witnessed him repeatedly asking what they thought about firing squads and proposed them as deterrents to crime.

Ironically, the draft-dodger president is obsessed with guns. His hyper-machoism is a classic defense mechanism for dealing with deep-seated feelings of inadequacy. A psychologist would view most of Trump’s behaviors as signs of weakness. He lies instead of facing the truth. He refuses to comply with subpoenas. He pleaded the Fifth Amendment over 400 times during a deposition. He immaturely, aggressively attacks people who criticize him. He disparages dead war heroes because their bravery make him look weak. Trump often pretends to shoot a gun. It’s an attempt to look macho when he oozes insecurity.

Examples of his pervasive violent nature are:

  • Incited an armed mob to storm the Capitol and ” take their country back” and “fight like hell”.
  • As the mob chanted, ” hang Mike Prnce” during the insurrection, Trump did nothing to stop the violent attack
  • He refuses to denounce domestic terrorist, white supremacist groups
  • He made a 2nd Amendment hero out of Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who shot and killed several men at a Black Lives Matter protest
  • Suggesting policeman bang their suspects heads on the side of the squad car
  • He suggested violence against reporters
  • Tried to force the military to shoot racial justice protesters during the Black Lives Matter protests
  • He threatened to have a heckler at a rally punched in the face
  • Refused to stand up against the Saudi Prince for the brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
Trump voters can no longer defend their support of Trump as merely their love of republican values. His anti- American rhetoric and psychologically unstable behavior reflects negatively on Americans who continue to overlook the threat he poses to our democracy and values. They can no longer justify their support of Trump as merely a dislike of democrats and their policies. They applaud his violent rhetoric at rallies. They laugh at his cruel comments about people. They cheer his criticisms of the Constitution. Supporting Trump instead of supporting a different republican candidate who comports himself with dignity and compassion indicates his supporters may share his violent tendencies. Keeping a man who wants to bring back firing squads and guillotines, who reveres dangerous dictators, and who violates the rule of law is a justifiable criticism.

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