Donald Trump, Mike Pence, And Mark Meadows Are The Triumverant Of The Smarmiest Men In Washington. Each One Has Publicly Lied And Continue To Dodge Subpoenas To Tell What They Know About What Occurred On Jan. 6th. These Men Do Not Reflect The America Of Today. Each One Of Them Continues To Defile Our Constitution By Defying Subpoenas, Breaking Laws, Protecting The Lawbreakers, Or Lying To The American People.

Although Ttump holds the title of the king of crime and corruption, Mike Pence and Mark Meadows equally share second place. The guys are the epitome of smarmy, defined in the Merriam- Webster dictionary as one having “a smug, ingratiating, or false earnestness,” and “of low sleazy taste or quality.” Each of these government swamp creatures have publicly lied and acted in opposition of the Constitution.

#1 Smarmy Winner: Donald Trump

Kissing up to Putin should have been enough reason for American politicians and voters to realize the danger Trump poses to our democracy. However, men like Mike Pence and Mark Meadows continue to support putting him back in power and MAGA voters remain turned-on by his sleaziness. Trump’s smarmy resume includes:
  • Married three times and committed adultery in all three marriages
  • Has the vanity of a teenage mean girl with his obsessional comb-over and orange tan
  • Lies to his followers and ridicules their worship of him
  • As president exploited every branch of government for personal and political gain
  • Is obsessed with money over all else
  • Pretends to be a man of faith
  • Ridicules the men and women that he fears are better than him or are threatening to his popularity
  • Has defrauded contractors, duped the students of his fake University, ripped off fake charities he established and mishandled the US Treasury
  • Uses attorneys and corrupt or desperate politicians to commit illegal acts for him, then turns on them
  • Took steps to overthrow the 2020 presidential election
  • Knows he fairly lost re-election and continues to lie about fraudulent voting
  • Encourages rage and fear in his voters that encourages violence

#2 Smarmy Winner: Mike Pence

He is a hypocritical, religious zealot without compassion for those who are non- white Christians. He judges, rejects and belittles the LGBTQ community, opposes women’s reproductive rights despite the risks to their health, and supported Trump’s racist treatment of immigrants while supporting the lying, adulterer, former ex-president. He did his Constitutional duty on January 6th, not as a patriot but in fear of breaking the law and going to jail. Thankfully, jail deterred Pence from blocking the transfer of power. However, before Jan.6th, he was seeking to find out if there was a way he could meet Trump’s request not to certify the electoral vote. Pence also:
  • Claims to be a loving man of Christian faith, yet has targeted the freedoms of members of the LGBTQ community
  • Sought the counsel of former Vice President Dan Quayle on whether he could legally meet Trump’s request not to certify Joe Biden’ a electoral win.
  • Shows no compassion to women facing medical harm over strict anti-abortion laws
  • Obsequiosly ass-kissed Trump and supported all policies despite the illegalities and immorality
  • Claims loyalty to the Constitution while he fights subpoena’s to testify about what he knows about what occurred on Jan. 6th.
  • Claim that Trump was “wrong to think the VP had the power to overturn the results of the election” but has never said Trump was wrong to make the attempts to overturn it.
  • Claims he would still vote for Trump, despite his many illegal and immoral acts
  • In Trump-style chauvinism, Pence disrespectfully and repeatedly interrupted Kamala Harris while she was speaking during the 2020 Vice Presidential election.

Former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is seen in Washington as an opportunistic creature capable of deceit and corruption. He functioned as Trump’s mob-like “consiglieri,” protecting and supporting his boss no matter how unethical or illegal Trump’s behavior was. His arrogance and corruption are legendary. The organization ” Righting America” reported on Dec. 15, 2021, on the sleazy involvement of Meadows in the insurrection:

  • Defied a subpoena by the Jan. 6th Select Committee
  • encouraged and guided members of Congress as to how they could overturn the election.
  • discussed means by which to encourage state legislators to replace duly-elected Biden electors with Trump electors.
  • pressed the Justice Department to investigate alleged and unfounded assertions of voter fraud, and personally engaged in on-the-ground efforts to undermine the Arizona and Georgia election results.
  • met numerous times with Phil Waldron, the infamous conspiratorialist who created a “38-page Power-Point document containing extreme plans to overturn Mr. Biden’s victory.”
  • coordinated with those who brought Trump supporters to Washington on January 06 to participate in the rally protesting Trump’s defeat.
  • promised that the National Guard would be at the Capitol to “protect pro Trump people.”

If Attorney General Merrick Garland doesn‘t indict Trump and Mark Meadows, he will go down in history as the weakest AG in US history and the man who destroyed democracy. His fears over political criticism have impaired his ability to hold higher-level politicians accountable to the rule of law. By doing so, he has allowed them to continue to lie and defy the law for the two years since the insurrection.

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