Tuesday Marked The Fifth Anniversary Of The Mass Shooting At Marjorie Stoneman- Douglas High School In Parkland, Florida Where 17 Students Lost Their Lives. Tonight Another Mass Shooting Occurred On The Campus Of Michigan State University. Despite The Continued Rise In Random Mass Shoitings, Republican Members Of Congress Continue To Block The Banning Of Assault Weapons, Expanding Background Checks And Passing Other Forms Of Gun Control.

Republican lawmakers continue to hide behind the fake narrative that any restrictions on access to gun violates the Second Amendment. They use a transparent lie to align themselves with the NRA’s gun culture to secure campaign donations. The “right to bear arms” could be interpreted as owning one weapon for self-protection. From a Constitutional originalist perspective, the amendment could also be construed to mean ” the right to carry a musket” which was the weapon that existed at the time the Constitution was written. Through the years, the courts have broadly supported the Second Amendment having no limits. Despite The Reality That The United States leads the world in gun ownership and mass shootings, the Republican party chooses NRA and dark money over the public safety of America’s kids at school and citizens going about their every day routines.

Parkland Shooting survivor and gun reform activist David Hogg continues to confront both political parties on the out of control issue of gun violence. Hogg, along with other Parkland survivors, formed the organization March For Our Lives to force Congress to enact sensible gun control laws. Republicans continue to block restrictions that the majority of Americans support. Although members of both parties receive donations from the extremist gun lobbyist organization the NRA, more republicans then democrats vote to please the NRA on gun legislation instead of voting to protect the lives of children and young people killed in school shootings. Fanatic extremists like Reps. Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Green, and Andy Biggs are examples of members of Congress who prioritize campaign donations from the NRA instead of protecting American lives.

Insider Magazine (Jan. 2023) affirmed there were 647 mass shootings in 2022 in the US. Gun deaths caused by random mass shootings are increasing at an alarming rate. There is consensus among law enforcement, the psychological community, and gun reform and gun rights advocates to expand and strengthen gun laws. The majority of Americans support sensible changes in the gun laws such as:

  • Expanded background checks
  • Banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines
  • Increase protections for victims of domestic violence
  • Increase services for the mentally ill
  • Fight gun trafficking
  • Restriction conceal carry permits
  • Restricting stand your ground policies
  • Eliminate sale of guns by unlicensed sellers on the internet

However, support of these reforms are more favored by democrats than republicans. Republicans favor protecting gun rights while democrats prioritize controlling gun ownership. The divide between the parties on the issue of how to reduce gun violence and mass shootings is getting smaller. Maybe the loss of over 44,000 lives to gun violence in 2022 is penetrating the false belief by those who believe any form of gun reform is unnecessary and unconstitutional.

Could Boebert be accused of child endangerment? This photo is disgusting. Elected officials like her should be banned from Congress. MAGA lawmakers are fake Christians, exhibit magical thinking, and support autocracy and criminality as a Trumpian Republican right. When Trump cries ” save America,” he is gaslighting his base. The only saving he is interested in is his saving his freedom, his dwindling money, and his fading reign of power.

Here’s an essential plea to Americans who voted in divisive, militant, conspiracy theorist, unqualified people to Congress” Vote them out so American lives will be saved by 1) sensible gun legislation, 2) competent preparation for future pandemics, and 3) improved police reform laws.

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