President Joe Biden Delivered A State Of The Union Speech Last Week That Was Filled With Optimism, National Pride, And A Call For Unity Between All Americans. Additionally, Biden Enumerated His Legislative Achievments For Veterans, Seniors, The Middle Class, Job Creation And A Decrease In The Deficit By 1.7 Trillion Dollars. Sitting Behind Him Was A Smirking Kevin McCarthy And Screaming Rudely From The Audience Was The Crass Embarrassment Marjorie Taylor Green.

Biden’s speech was inspirational. It was filled with facts that informed Americans how much he has accomplished for them and the country since defeating Donald Trump. The 35% percent of Americans that rely on Fox conspiracy theory shows have no idea that our economy is strong because Fox entertainment journalists believe their viewers are too stupid to understand what makes an economy healthy or unhealthy. Eleven million new jobs have been created since Biden dethroned the mad king. The employment rate is at 3.5, the lowest since 1969. The deficit has been lowered by $1.7 trillion, and inflation numbers are improving. Do MAGA voters notice the Russia-friendly Tucker Carlson avoids explaining why so many economists say our economy is recovering faster than expected? Based on his ratings in Russia, Carlson’s commentary seems aimed at pleasing Putin identically with how Trump aligns with anything Putin. Additionally, in his speech, Biden explained the spending bills he has passed would be paid for by making the rich pay their fair share of taxes.
President Biden’s successful management of the pandemic contributed to saving the economy from Trump’s incompetent and dishonest messaging about how dangerous the virus was. The spread of Covid was a by-product of the lies and bogus theories spread by Trump and his wacky surrogates. Continuing Trump’s backlighting, republicanss like McCarthy show little respect for the mental capacity of their base. They withhold the failure facts of their fallen, disgraced former president that are easily verified on the internet. By talking down to their voters, GOP leaders keep them gullible and acting like children or sheep, easily led in the wrong direction. The only reason Trump has relevance in the party is because Republican leaders Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are opportunisti weaklings.

Biden made fools and liars out of the Republican party at the State of the Union. He informed Americans of Florida Senator Rick Scott’s plan to “sunset” Social Security and Medicare. This means every 1-5 years those programs would be subject to be cut or benefits decreased based on the whim of Congress. Republicans melted down and yelled and screamed when Biden revealed the facts. Maga republicans yelled out “liar” at President Biden despite the reality that Scott’s plan has been circulated to the public in printed pamphlets and admitted to by Scott in interviews. The majority of the GOP Congress screamed and moaned as Biden revealed Scott’s proposal. Other Senators like Ron Jihnson and Mike Lee are on public record talking about cutting Medicare and Social Security.

Georgia’s 14th district inflicted the ignorance and crude ness of the most qualified, humiliating member of Congress. She is proof that our democracy needs tweaking to allow incompetent, immature, simple people to be privacy to national security secrets.

Republicans are once again relying on their base’s ignorance of facts and tendency to easily believe a lie. They wrongly refer to Social Security and Medicare as ” entitlement” programs while democrats accurately refer to them as “earned” benefit programs. Americans pay into these programs from the first paycheck they ever earn.

Biden got the GOP Congress so upset when he revealed the threat their policies pose to these popular programs, he led them publicly to applaud and declare cutting any part of those programs is off the table. Biden showed his political savvy, his policy experience and his dedication to seniors, veterans, the disabled and the middle class in this exchange about Social Security and Medicare. The republicans, in contrast, are represented by loud-mouth, unqualified candidates from districts who need and devour the benefits of the democrats policies.

One man is happy; the other is always angry, paranoid, and insecure. One man treats all people equally, and the other favors white Christianns and white nationalists. One man isn’t under investigation to overthrow the government; the other man incited and allowed an insurrection and is facing possible indictment for his actions. One man is a faithful person, and the other fakes faith to gain votes. One man usn’t an adulterer; the other man is. One man reflects the feelings, demographics, and beliefs of tidays diverse American population; the other supports policies that reflect the racism and misogyny of the 1950s. The State of the Union is strong, with President Biden’s morals and policies leading Amrrica forward. As Republican Liz Cheney said, Trump should never be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office again”.

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