The Republican Controlled House And Desperate Donald Trump Are Polluting The Political Arena With Nonsensical Conspiracy Theories And Revenge Politics. The American People Are Sick Of How The Republican Party Panders To The MAGA Base And Ignores The Masses. The Trump Base Should Re-Think Supporting Their Party’s Degrading Ideology Before They See Their Rights Disappear.

Trump and MAGA supporters have looked the other way at Donald Trump’s blatant criminality, cruelty, and incompetence. Cult followers believe and follow everything the cult leader says and demands. In Trump America, many republicans have lost their lives by following the rhetoric of Trump and his alt-right surrogates. He downplayed the COVID-19 virus despite knowing it was “deadly.” Thousands of people died following Trump’s anti-science campaign against medical facts which revealed how dangerous and infectious COVID was. Millions of his followers also believe the lie he made up about the 2020 election being fraudulent and stolen. Consequently, people died on Jan. 6th because of that lie. Those who still believe the lie want to kill people over it. Here are questions that Americans who still support Trump, the alt-right, and white nationalism should answer:
  • Have you read any part of the Constitution?
  • If you support a government’s right to restrict the reproductive freedom of women, how can you say you support individual freedoms?
  • Do you realize supporting Marjorie Taylor Green who is a self- identified white Christian nationalist makes you la white nationalist sympathizer?
  • Have you benefitted from President Biden’s programs in your state?
  • In loyalty to Trump, would you be willing to reject any benefits you may be eligible to receive from President Biden’s policies?
  • Do you support the price of insulin being capped at $35.00 for seniors?
  • Will you continue to support Republicans who support cutting Social Security and Medicare?s, why?
  • Would you support a policy that requires candidates for Congress to pass a test on the Constitution? If no, why?
  • If the spouses of Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, Mitch McConnell or other MAGA members got hit in the head with a hammer by a leftist wacko do you think these congressmen would support anti-political violence legislation?
  • Aside from spouting support of the 2nd Amendment, give 3 reasons why the average citizen needs a military assault weapon of war.
  • How do you justify calling yourself a patriotic supporter of democracy when you vote for legislation based on Bible teachings when the Constitution insists on the separation of church and state?
  • Besides repeating Trump’s mantra of ” witch hunts”, can you present facts that dismisses the evidence against Trump in each investigation against him?
  • Do you always support the police who beat black people to death during traffic stops?
  • If you have a daughter, do you hope she grows up to act like Marjorie Taylor Green? Explain, yes or no.
  • It’s a provable fact that Trump increased the debt and deficit by trillions. It’s documented. If that doesn’t bother you, explain why?
  • If you favor small government, then why do you support any federal funding being given to your state?
  • Do you believe a president should be exempt from being prosecuted for committing crimes? If yes, why? Would that include robbery, murder, or illegal drug use?
  • Do you realize the Constitution is based on the idea “all people are created equal” and share certain rights equally? If yes, do you understand that restricting the rights of women and minorities is a violation of democracy.
Trump’s ” big lie” continues to fuel murderous instincts in his supporters. The media, the legal system and a silent Republicans must confront him to give up the lie. If he doesn’t stop lying he must be held liable for the results of the political violence he inspires.

So far, the 118th House of Representatives is an embarrassment. Speaker McCarthy looks like a beaten puppy, and the Maga members are acting like adolescents with ADHD. Their agenda consists of spouting conspiracy theories about Covid, critical race theory, and the 2020 election. Despite the clown show of the GOP Congress, President Biden is doing great things for the middle class and rebuilding the Trump- trashed economy. The 18 members of the GOP House that represent Biden supporting districts must be loyal to their constituents over loyalty to their party.

A suspected drug trafficked her, a congressman who threatened violence against a fellow member of Congress, and an assault weapon fanatic. The only good news about these flawed dangers to democracy is that they guarantee democrats will keep winning elections.

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