Guided By The Expert Advice Of The Intelligence Community And The Military, President Biden Ordered The Shooting Down Of The Chinese Spy Balloon Today. Americans Should Be Relieved He Ignored The Gun-Crazy Rantings Of The Nutty Marjorie Taylor Green And Political Swamp Creature Speaker Kevin McCarthy Who Called On A Potentially Dangerous, Impulsive Shooting Down Of The Balloon. If Trump Is The Republican Nominee in 2024, Democrats Pray He Chooses Crazy Marjorie For VP. So Dems Get Handed A Sure Win Of The White House.

President Biden executes the duties of the President of the United States like a competent adult. In contrast Donald Trump led the country like an impulsive, dangerous, self- centered child. On Wednesday Biden gave the order to shoot down the spy balloon, but deferred to the advice of the Pentagon to wait until they deemed it posed no physical danger to the public or property. Had the president followed the demands of Republicans to “just shoot it down” harm could have come to unsuspecting Americans. The reckless, conspiracy theory attitudes of Trump and Republicans during the height of the Covid pandemic is proof enough that politics is more important than public safety to the MAGA GOP.
She is such a dummy embarrassment to the House of Representatives. The world is watching her behaviors and asking, ” how is America going to get rid of Republicans as stupid as Taylor Green out of their government and recover the trust of it’s allies.” The incompetent Marjorie loves her guns, white nationalism, and power but is not interested in learning about history, facts, the Constitution or science.

The military and intelligence community determined the balloon did not possess weapons and posed no physical threat. Therefore, the decision to wait until it was over water before shooting it down was a prudent protective measure. Republicans have used the spy balloon incident to attack Biden for not protecting the country because they know their gullible base will believe whatever they say. The impulsive gun- worshipping MAGA members of Congress are eager to act “strong” without regard for knowledge, facts, and expertise. Whether the subject is national security, science, immigration or public health MAGA Republicans are ready to shoot off their guns or shoot off their mouths with arrogant recklessness.

Forbes Magazine reported today that three Chinese balloons entered the US air space during the Trump Administration, and he never let the public know about it or shot them down. The hypocrisy of the Republicans is deplorable and has destroyed the party’s credibility. Conservative media, Trump, and Republican members of Congress have been criticizing Biden all week for not shooting down the balloon immediately while burying the facts of Trump’s non-action against spy balloons while he was president. Being under the influence of Fox News keeps Trump supporters ignorant of facts. During another performance speech this week, the dishonest, hypocritical Trump was sweating and railing against Biden for not shooting down the balloon immediately. Now that we know he never took action on similar spy balloons, Republicans need to shut up and be held accountable for the hypocritical protection of Donald Trump.

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