Republican Rep. Elect George Santos Is The Latest Proof Republicans Welcome Liars, Criminals, And Racists Into The Party. Santos Is An Epic Fraud, And Yet Republicans Stay Silent. Since The Jan. 6th Insurrection, It Is Evident The Republican Party Is No Longer Invested In Democratic Governance. In His Podcast, Filmmaker Michael Moore Reminds America That 147 Republican Members Of Congress Voted To Overturn Joe Biden’s Electoral Win The Night Of The Insurrection.

The House Republicans who ran and hid in fear during the Capitol attack showed a lack in character and patriotism when they voted not to acknowledge the electoral win of Joe Biden.

Michael Moore suggests the Senators who voted against certifying Joe Biden’s electoral win be removed from holding public office based on Section 3 of 14th Amendment whch contains the qualification clause first ratified directly after the civil war. The clause states:

“Section 3 prohibits public office holders who have taken an oath to support the U.S. Constitution and then engage in insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or who give aid or comfort to enemies of the United States, from serving in public office.”

An article in Pogo, Nov. 2022 (Hempowicz, Eisen, and Janovsky) explained, “there should be little doubt that the attack on the Capitol on January 6 rises to the level of an insurrection. In determining whether the attack triggers the disqualification clause, a New Mexico county trial court recently summarized the historical understanding of “insurrection” as: “an (1) assemblage of persons, (2) acting to prevent the execution of one or more federal laws, (3) for a public purpose, (4) through the use of violence, force, or intimidation by numbers.”4

Moore is on a campaign to use the text of the Constitution to hold members of Congress who supported the “big lie” on the day of the insurrection accountable. The movement to tear down the US government and reinvent an extremist, autocratic government is underway. The Capitol rioters who have been indicted and convicted of insurrection represent only a fraction of the threat to the American democracy. Corrupt attorneys, corrupt state officials, and corrupt members of Congress participated in the coup attempt to overthrow a free and fair election.

Michael Moore’s podcast RUMBLE is a master class on how the Constitution exposes Trumo, the members of Congress voted against certifying Joe Biden’s fair, democratic election to the presidency. His position on this issue cannot credibly be called a witch hunt. The text of the Constitution describes what insurrection means and how one qualifies to be called an insurrectionists. Section 3 of the 14th Amendment should be required reading for all eligible voters. A vote case for an insurrectionist should be nullufied.
George Santos has continued his pattern of lying as he approaches his confirmation into the House of Representatives. His website posted that he had been sworn in when that never happened. Without a Speaker of the House seated, no members of the House can be sworn to office. The silence from Kevin McCarthy about Santos and his lying, low character, and criminality is evidence he is a weak leader with no ideology. The GOP is filling its congressional seats with wacky extremists who hate what American democracy stands for and is gaslighting the gullible Republican electorate into believing they do. Candidates from either party who lie about the 2020 election results, support white supremacy for public office, and support candidates who violate the Constitution should never be elected to public office.

Santos has lied and told pathological lies about his education, his mother’s death, his ethnicity, and his financials. This should disqualify him from being seated. However, the opportunistic McCarthy said nothing about the Santos scandals because of his egomaniacal hunger to be Speaker. Eliminating party leadership is needed to reduce political corruption. Let each representative vote to represent their districts, not the party politics.

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