President Joe Biden’s Brand Is Up, And Donald Trump’s Brand Is Down. Biden Has Passed More Legislation In His First-Term Than Any Other President In US History. He Is Confirming More Judges At A Rate Faster Than Donald Trump, Gas Prices Are Falling, Unemployment Is At An All Time Low And Wages Are Up. He Just Signed A Bi-Partisan Bill To Fund The Government And Lost The Least Amount Of Congressional Seats Than Any President In Decades. Trump Is Drowning In Scandal And Investigations.

President Biden has signed more bills into law in his first two years as president than any president in decades. The statements repair America’s infrastructure, protect the planet, care for sick veterans, help middle to lower-class families through the America Rescue Plan and add protection for children in schools and all Americans from mass shootings by passing a historic gun control bill.
Americans are learning that a man with character, empathy, generosity, and competence is the better to serve as president. Anyone Donald Trump currently supports will lose their elections, their jobs, reputation, and possibly their freedom. The majority of Americans are wise to the Trump scam. Only Trump. Jared Kushner, Ivanka. Steve Minuchin and other corrupt parasites prospered under Trump’s presidency. If the base grew so much, why are they devouring the fruits of Joe Biden’s labor while wearing their cult MAGA hats?

America is moral again under Joe Biden’s watch. The legislation he has passed represents the compassion character that the world has known America to possess. Biden treats all people with respect. No hate or bigotry or misogyny comes out of his mouth. He isnt vengeful, insecure or petty. He is a man, not a child. He is compassionate, not a bully. He is honest, not a liar. He is competent, not an incompetent imposter. He doesn’t waste taxpayer money on frivolous lawsuits. He doesn’t golf and vacation like a retiree. He works at being President and his achievements are proof that America is lucky he beat Trump.

Americans are tiring of the division between the parties. The House alt-right, white nationalist extremists plan to create a circus of fake grievances, accusations and revenge campaigns when they take control. Trump’s plunging poll numbers are an indication America will soon tire of the immature antics of Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan and other Trump puppets as they get nothing done legislatively for the American people.

With Biden’s approval on the rise the democrats are united. Hakim Jeffries received 212 votes to be certified as minority leader in the House. The united democratic party fully supported Jeffries, while the republicans thwarted Kevin McCarthy’s bid for Speaker of the House. McCarthy received only 202 votes, 16 short of what he needed to be elected Speaker. The republican leadership is chaos and Trump might be enjoying the dissonance. Steve Bannon, a Trump ally and former advisor, famously declared equal disdain for republicans as democrats. He continues to support a teardown of our democracy, including both parties and supports unrestricted power for the president. In the 2022 mid-terms Americans of both parties voted to reject Trump’s autocratic vision for America. The House Trumo allies will soon find America much prefers Uncle Joe’s compassion, morals, and respect for the rule of law version of America over the cartoonish mob family governance of MAGA.

MAGA is slowly dying; however, in the House, they are strong and united enough to block seating a Speaker after six votes.

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