Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Is At 31%. His Relevance Is Fading. His Announcement That He Is Running For President Was A Dud. His Campaign Is A Non- Existent, Desperate Attempt To Keep The Grift Going. If You’re One Of Those Suckers On A Limited Or Fixed Income That Trump Is Still Successfully Ripping Off, Answer Questions And Re-Evaluate Your Undying Loyalty The Twice Impeached, Adulterous, Law- Breaking, Tax-Evading, One-Term President.

Trump ‘s announcement that he is running for president again is his latest grift to keep income flowing in to pay for his attorney’s who continue to enable his scamming. Trump supporters should swallow their pride, admit they were used by the con man and find another conservative who will do nothing to enhance them financially but at least they a won’t be a racist shyster.

Questions of self-reflection for Trumpers:

1. If you believe in the Bible, how do you excuse Trump’s adultery and other sins?

2. If your answer is God sent him to save Christianity, what proves that assertion?

3. What action do you think the DOJ should take if boxes of classified information was found at Joe Biden”s home?

4. Do you see the convicted insurrectionists as heroes deserving of pardoning?

5. Would you have celebrated the murders of Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi if the rioters at the Capitol had succeeded in their mission to kill them?

6. Do you excuse the fraud convictions of Trump, Trump University and the Trump Organiztion Charity as unfound3d witchhunts? If so, why?

7. If your child was infected with COVID or some other life-threatening virus, would you call the Pillow Guy for advice or Dr. Anthony Fauci? If your choice is the Pillow Guy, why?

8. How do you justify Republicans being upset about the removal of Confederate statues around the country and limitations being put on Confederacy curriculum in our schools while they support the removal of curriculum on slavery and the Holocaust?

9. Do you care that Trump is using your donations to his candidacy for president to pay for maintaining his lifestyle and paying his legal bills? If not, why?

10. If Donald Trump is a law-abiding person who is a victim of a witchhunt, why have so many inner circle Republicans who were huge supporters of him and his presidency testified that he is lying about the 2020 election being stolen? Can you explain why these former loyalists risked their careers to expose Trump’s resistance to stopping the violent attack at the Capitol?

11. How do you explain your belief that Trump is a smart businessman when his resume includes filing 5 bankruptcies, not paying his legal and construction bills, lying about his income and deductions on his taxes, and misusing funds from his failed university and charity?

12. Why do you think Trump insisted his allies plead the fifth in the multitude of investigations against him? Why do you think so many of his allies answered ” I don’t recall” hundreds of times? Why do you think Trump insisted his allies illegally ignore congressional subpoenas?

13. Why do you think so many of Trump’s allies were either charged with a crime, convicted of a crime or suspected of committing a crime?

14. Trump lied on his tax returns. The returns have been released. It is a fact that he lied. Do you think a president should be allowed to refuse to release his tax returns? Do you think a president should be charged for tax fraud? What do you think the DOJ should do if they find President Biden lied on his tax returns?

15. Would you support President Biden appointing his children into high security offices in his administration they are not qualified to hold? If no, why not?

16. Would you object to President Biden using the presidency for his personal financial profit? If yes, why?

17. Do you believe the 2020 presidential was stolen? Besides Donald Trump’s claim of fraud, what evidence can you produce?

18. If Trump is proven guilty and convicted of federal crimes, do you think his sentence should be the same as any other criminal?

19. Do you believe Republicans should be exempt from obeying the rule of law and democrats should be accountable to the rule of law?

20. If you believe President Biden is not the legitimately elected president are you willing to refuse or return any financial benefits that you have received from Biden’s policies? For example, pay full fee for your insulin, return all stimulus funds from the American Rescue Plan, and refuse to drive the roads and bridges that Biden’s Infrastructure and Jobs Act is providing to your community.

21. Is hypocritical behavior acceptable for Republicans but not for democrats?

22. In 2015, Senator Mitch McConnell did not allow President Obama to nominate a Supreme Court Justice nine months prior to the next presidential election declaring it inappropriate to do so during an election year. However, three weeks prior to the 2020 election, McConnell hypocritically nominated a Supreme Court Justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Given this unethical power grab, is it now acceptable for democrats to seat a Justice close to an upcoming election? If no, why not?

If the electoral college and gerrymandering did not exist, the two US political parties would be the democrats and independents. Republicans no can longer win the population vote. The majority of Americans are not racist, misogynistc, evangelical or anti-working class voters. The 2022 election results was a good ridden to Trump and his election-denying, white Christian national surrogates. Trump voters need to answer hard questions to break through the Trump spell they are under.

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