President Volodymyr Zelenskyy Delivered An Historical Speech To Congress This Week. He Thanked The American People, Members of Congress, And President Biden For The Military And Moral Support They Have Given To Ukraine To Fight Against The Russian Invasion Of His Country.  Zelenskyy Is A Brave, Defender Of Democracy In Contrast To Donald Trump, Kevin McCarthy, Matt Gaetz And Other MAGA Traitors Who Are Enemies Of  Democracy And Supporters Of Autocracy.

Speaking in English, Zelenskyy delivered a passionate speech expressing thanks to America for standing by Ukraine in their fight to defend democracy and protect the indepence of his country from Russian control. He reminded Americans that Ukraine’s fight is America’s fight because Vladimir Putin wants to replace all democracies with autocratices. Zelenskyy expressed appreciation for the artillery America is supplying to Ukraine, however he admitted they need more in order to triumph over Russia’s attempt to occupy their country.  He said the money America is giving  is “not charity,” but an “investment” in global security and democracy.”

Listening to President Zelenskyy plea for continued American support for his country’s fight to protect global democracies was bittersweet. The national pride emanating from the leader was beautiful and inspirational. However, the speech was also a reminder that America has an ex-president who is still attacking it’s democracy and threatening the lives of Americans by spreading lies. He tried to kill America’s democracy because he believes in the dangerous ideologies of white Christian nationalism and supports autocracy. Zelenskyy risks his life every day by standing with his troops on the battlefield, while America’s twice impeached, disgraced, corrupt ex-President  Trump continues to attempt to destroy America’s democracy.

In contrast to Zelenskyy’s patriotism, the world has witnessed Trump inciting the Jan. 6th insurrection, asking for  the vote in Georgia to be illegally changed in his favor, publicly pressuring VP Mike Pence not to certify the electoral vote, supporting the insertion of fake electors, and sending surrogates to tell witnesses they should tell the Jan. 6th Committee they didn’t recall incidences that they did recall. Zelenskyy is the kind of person and leader America needs and deserves. Donald Trump is the kind of immoral, characterologically impaired person that American Republicans irresponsibly elected to the presidency. The Republican National Committee should reimburse individual states and the federal government for the costs of conducting justified investigations and litigations against Trump and his allies for their crimes against the American government.

Trump summoned the mob to stop the certification of the electoral votes. He knew they were armed. He refused to put up barricades to stop them. He reportedly watched them on television while they invaded the Capitol. He heard them yelling to ” hang Mike Pence” and find Nancy Pelosi. For 187 minutes he did nothing within his vast powers to stop the attack. Witnesses said he enjoyed what his supporters were doing. His disingenuous narrative of support for law enforcement was made apparent as he watched the Capitol and DC police get beaten during his coup attempt . Since the insurrection, he has ridiculed the injured and dead police who saved democracy that day. A sociopath feels nothing when others suffer, especially if it benefits them.

Zelenskyy, a former comedian, will go down in history as a leader who fought bravely and effectively to defend the survival of democracies around the world. Conversely, Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s “America First Movement” ( a 1940s Nazi sympathizing movement) has worked to destroy America’s democracy by attempting to replace it with an autocratic government led by a mentally disordered, dangerous dictator. In Ukraine, people are dying to save their country from being overtaken by a deranged, disordered autocrat, Vladimir Putin, They support their president’s call to fight to save their freedoms. In America, people have died because they fell under the spell of a shyster sociopath who lied to them about the dangers of COVID 19, touted bogus remedies, discouraged mask wearing policies enacted by the government and ultimately incited a deadly insurrection, Many more lives were and still may be in danger because the 45th American president comprised national security by inviting Russians into the White House, emboldened white supremacist hate groups, stole and unsafely stored classified government documents at his personal residence and embraced dictators over US allies.

Looking at Donald Trump as a man and a leader, he appears weak, incompetent, clownish and dangerous compared to President Zelenskyy. Trump’s political and personal brand is now mortally wounded because the American people and the judicial, executive and legislative branches of government are fighting to hold him accountable for his crimes against the Constitution. These photo’s of Zelenskyy and Trump’s interaction with their country’s flag illustrates the stark difference between the two men:

President Circus Clown staged this embarrassing, phony, reality show photo op and effectively convinced 30% of the Republic electorate that he loved and would protect the American democracy. The Gaslighter-in-Chief hugged the flag and then tried to overthrow a free and fair democratic presidential election. His cult-like manipulations have sadly resonated with vulnerable, gullible Republican voters who will need intensive deprogramming therapy when Trump is held accountable for his crimes against the Constitution.

In contrast to Trump’s phony flag stunt, President Zelenskyy presented a Ukraine flag to Congress that was signed by soldiers fighting on the frontline against the Russian army. Without making it about himself, Zelenskyy showed honor to his country and the brave Ukrainian people by presenting this flag in thanks for America’s support of Ukraine’s fight for it’s freedom against the Russian invasion.

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