President Joe Biden Signed “The Respect For Marraige Act” Last Week While Ex-President Trump Was Hocking E-Superhero Cards Of Himself. These Men Couldn’t Be More Different. Biden Keeps Passing Laws That Better The Lives Of The Middle Class, Veterans, Infrastructure, The Planet, And The Elderly, While Trump Whines About A Fake Election, Complains About Criminal Investigations, And Bilks Donors Out Of Millions.

he Republicans are too afraid and too power-hungry to turn on Trump, despite the fact that his poll numbers are low, he is losing donors, and he keeps losing elections for the party. Despite a declaration he once made that by supporting him Americans “are going to get so tired of winning”, Trump is losing his relevance and eventually maybe losing his freedom. The investigations by the Jan. 6th Committee have uncovered evidence that Trump knew he lost and instead of accepting the loss like a patriotic, strong man, he promoted a conspiracy theory about the election being rigged. The committee also found he knew about the fake elector scam and tried to get the Georgia Secretary of State to falsify the vote count and declare him the winner. Conversely, President Biden is working hard to elevate the middle class and to secure equality for all Americans.

In reaction to Justice Clarence Thomas’s dog whistle to re- consider the right for same sex marriage to be legal, President Biden signed the Respect For Marriage Act last week. The democrats believe in equality for all people. The republicans believe in equality for people that reflect their religious beliefs or support their pursuit of political power.
Donald Trump once again revealed how weak his ego is, how money-obsessed he is, and how committed he is to bilking people out of their money to pay his legal bills and support his lifestyle. These e-cards are humiliating. Even staunch, corrupt loyalists Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn shook their heads in disbelief when they saw the cards. Trump proved he will sink to the lowest level of behavior to make money or distract attention away from the criminal investigations that are closing in on him. The e-cards reveal Trump’s pathological hunger to be everything that he is not and never has been; a superhero, manly-type man. How he has convinced millions of gullible republican Americans that he is a strongman is a sociological phenomenon that is incomprehensible.

The Biden Administration has passed a record-setting amount of bi-partisan legislation during it’s first two years. The themes in the bills tells the kind of moral, intelligent, competent patriotic man Joe Biden is. He passed The Chips Act legislation to help veterans obtain medical coverage to treat the long-term effects of exposure to burnpit contamination while overseas in combat. He passed the American Rescue Plan to help Americans navigate the hardships of the Covid pandemic. He passed the Infrastructure Protections and Job Act to rebuild roads, bridges, repair forms of transit and create thousands of jobs for struggling Americans. He signed the most sweeping gun reform bill passed by Congress in three decades and continues to call for a ban on assault weapons.

In contrast, Trump continues to spend his time lying about the 2020 presidential election being stolen, golfing, posting dangerous rhetoric, befriending anti-Semites and white supremacists and promising to pardon the insurrectionists if he is elected president again. His character is disordered and his morals are in the gutter. The good news is like most maniacal autocratic narcissists he is self-destructiving in plain view of his party, his base, and the Department of Justice.

No witch hunts in sight. Trump’s crimes are apparent. Will the DOJ fight for democracy or give in to concerns about political criticism? There should be no special protections for former presidents who commit crimes.

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