On the Tenth Anniversary of The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, Republican Elected Officials Continue To Oppose The Banning Of Assault Weapons And The Common Sense Expansion Of Background Checks. The Mass Murders In Schools, Night Clubs, Supermarkets, Churches And Temples Has Not Broken The Bond Republicans In Congress Have With Dark Money From The Gun Lobby. Donor Money And Power Is More Important To The GOP Than American Lives. Hypocrites, Opportunists And Cold Souls Make Up The Majority Of The MAGA Republican Party.

Today President Biden said ” Americans should have “societal guilt about gun violence”. This photo of the innocent 6 year-olds and six adults killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School should have been painful enough and shame- inducing enough for Congress to pass sensible gun reform laws. However it wasn’t and since the Sandy Hook shooting, 300,000 Amrricans have died from gun violence and 25,000 of them were children. The addiction to power and their phony cry for constitutional reverence to the 2nd Amendment has degraded the modern Republican into a cold, opportunistic body that should be dissolved. America needs a second political party that is honest, loyal to the constitution and open to bipartisanship in governing.

The obsession with guns by rabid male Trump supporters is disturbing. How much sillier can grown men look than when they dress up like military men or police officers running around with their big guns? Psychologists see these behaviors as signs of feeling powerless and inadequate. The majority of Americans support a ban on military assault weapon and expanded background checks for gun purchases. However, elected officials no longer listen to their constituents, they listen to the NRA.

They look just as ridiculous as Trump does when he makes two fists like a strongman. MAGA masculinity is a turnoff to mature women of character.

Normal women don’t find men attractive who dress to match their guns. It’s weird, scary and suspicious to be so turned on by owning an arsenal of guns for personal use. How many more children and groups targeted by hate have to die before America joins the rest of the world in enacting sensible gun laws that protect the lives of ALL Americans? Democrats own guns, and some take money from the gun industry. However, by comparison, the republicans are disproportionately funded by the NRA. The following GOP members of Congress take the most money from gun lobbyists. They seek their political support and the support of their gun-hungry base:

Congress members with the most contributions from gun rights groups

Lifetime contributions to members’ campaign or leadership PAC for the 117th Congress, as of May 25, 2022 (Axios, 2022).

Sen. Ted Cruz (R)


Rep. Steve Scalise (R)


Sen. John Cornyn (R)


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R)
South Carolina


Sen. Mitch McConnell (R)


Rep. Devin Nunes* (R)


Sen. Ron Johnson (R)


Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R)


Rep. Pete Sessions (R)


Sen. Steven Daines (R)
Montana. 198k

Donations to members of Congress from special interest groups need to stop. The control of our government officials by groups like the NRA has led to policies that kill people. The majority of Americans want gun reform. They are smart enough to understand that reform is not a threat to the Second Amendment. They are smart enough to understand the founding fathers intended the 2nd Amendment to allow a militia to bear arms to defend the country with weapons of the day: muskets. The Republican party has perverted the intention of the right to bear arms to mean any citizen has the right to amass as many guns as they want despite the threat to public safety. Any sensible person knows a family does not need military assault weapons to defend their homes from an intruder. The NRA is an extremist group that wants power and control over the American government. Republican politicians have abandoned their oath of office, common sense, and morality to gain political support from the gun, pharmaceutical, and oil industries. That is called corruption. America is fighting back at the polls, and despite the corruption, the majority wants policies that save lives and promote decency and a united country.

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