Marjorie Taylor Greene Is A Traitor To Her Oath Of Office. At A Young Republicans Event Last Week, She Said, “If Steve Bannon and I had organized that ( insurrection), we would have won. Not to mention, it would have been armed.” Greene Is A Vile Enemy Of Democracy And An Embarrassment To Congress. The Georgia Voters In District #14 Who Re-Elected Her Should Pay For The Damage Done By Greene’s Spreading Of Conspiracy Theories, Inciting Hatred Of Jews and Members of the LGBTQ Community, And Her Incompetent Knowledge Of The Constitution.

Adolph Hitler was a white nationalist and exterminating 6 million Jews proved he would commit genocide to make Germany a white nationalist country. The Republican party support of her brands them as the party that no longer supports the Constitution, except the 2nd Amendment. Senators like Ben Sasse from Nebraska stay quiet as they watch their party lean towards fascism have enabled Greene and other MAGA enemies of democracy degrade our country.

Voting irresponsibly for incompetent, dangerous people is a right protected by our Constitution. However, the MAGA alt-right are not supporters of the Constitution, so maybe democrats will use their powers when they retake the House in 2024 to nullify every vote cast for anyone the majority of Americans deem dangerous or incompetent to hold office. Republicans like Taylor-Greene are elected by voters from districts who lean towards racist, white nationalist ideology and who resist reading and using critical thinking to decide which candidates to support. Gullible, uneducated Republicans think the assaults on equality and democracy should be allowed by Republicans to support their agenda and not allowed if executed by democrats. The truth: If democracy collapses, what Republicans love about America, like guns and racism in politics, will be gone.

Trump has always thought his supporters are dumb. Supporting him, MAGA, Marjorie Taylor Green despite the dishonesty, corruption, and mental instability they represent proves his view of his supporters as dumb is accurate. If you’re a senior, disabled, gay, Jewish, or a democrat you are a target for Republican violence, or discrimination, or hate, or marginalization.

How would Georgia voters in district #14 answer these questions:

  • Have you ever read any section of the Constitution? If yes, which one? If no, why not?
  • Do you care if Marjorie Taylor Greene has read and understands the Constitution? If no, why not?
  • Did you graduate high school? college?
  • Do you like Steve Bannon’s mission to dismantle the US government?
  • Do you support insurrection if it reinstates a Republican? Is insurrection acceptable if it reinstates a democrat to office? If no, why?
  • Do you believe everything Taylor Greene says without researching whether it’s false or true? Why?
  • Do you agree with Tsylor Greenes comments that she and Bannon would have been armed and won the takeover of the government on Jan. 6 th?
  • Do you notice Taylor Greenes speeches are never about policies but rather focus on revenge, conspiracy theories and racist/ anti-Semitic comments?
  • Do you believe democrats eat babies and run a pedophile ring in the basement of a pizza joint?
  • Do you believe Jews sent space lasers to set California wildfires?
  • If you don’t believe those wacky, unproven conspiracy theories, does it bother you that your House representative does? If no, why?
  • What would Taylor Greene have to do to inspire a petition to recall her?
McCarthy is weak and scared, and controlled by the crazy MAGA wing of his party. Watching him cower and kiss ass to the repulsive anti-patriots Marjorie Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar, Lauren Boebert, and Matt Gaetz is cringeworthy. The non-MAGA Republucans need to grow a spine and bat these pointless noisemakers out of democracy’s way.

If Rep. Kevin McCarthy becomes Speaker of the House, the Christian white nationalist Marjorie Taylor Greene will head a committee that will attack democracy, waste millions of taxpayer dollars, and humiliates the US government worldwide. The good news is that Taylor Greene is crazy so some of her fellow republicans will vote with democrats.

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