Senator Raphael Warnock Won The Senate Race In Georgia This Week Over Herschel Walker. However, Walker Getting 48.8% Of The Vote Exposes The Disturbing Psychology Of The Republican Party. Walker Was Embarrassingly Unqualified To Serve In The Senate, Was Accused Of Physically Abusing Former Romantic Partners, Was Accused Of Pressuring Former Partners To Obtain Abortions, (Despite Claiming To Be Pro-life) And Is A Supporter Of MAGA Extremist Ideology.

Senator Warnock won the Georgia Senate seat by over 84,000 votes. However, that he didn’t win by millions sends a concerning message about the mental state of the Republican party.  Republican members of Congress and the Republican electorate have been overlooking corruption, dishonesty, and indecency since it began supporting Donald Trump for president in 2015. The GOP gave the nomination to Trump despite his  “grabbing women by the pussy” comment on the Access Hollywood tape. It overlooked the bribe to porn star Stormy Daniels about their sexual encounter. It ignored his refusal to release his taxes, and he was accused by over a dozen women of sexual assault and misconduct. Maintaining loyalty to Trump despite the disturbing pattern of accusations against him by women indicated Republicans were in the early stages of becoming a cult. Their naivete, misogyny, tolerance for his verbal abusiveness, and lack of transparency have lowered the character of the GOP brand.
Poor Herschel. The Republican party used him to try to convince the voters of Georgia that they are not racist. Trump handpicked Walker to run for the Senate because they are friends and because he believes his supporters are dumb and will vote for anyone he tells them to support. However, Walker’s loss is a reflection on Trump’s bad judgment, disrespect for the integrity of our democracy, and a sign that his relevance and power is fading. Herschel admitted to having mental illness issues, was accused of abuse by countless women and lied about paying for ex-partners abortions. Trump didn’t care about how the public scrutiny would affect Herschel. When Walker spoke on the issues, it was apparent he was out of his league intellectually. In all fairness, Herschel was a football player and had no business running for the Senate.  Walker is another casualty of Trump’s kiss of death impact on most people he brings into his orbit and uses for personal gain.

With Walker’s loss, Trump’s humiliating losing streak in the mid-terms is over. His efforts to place election deniers in governorships, the Senate, and secretaries of state offices failed and are over. The threat of the ” big lie” being a winning strategy for his chance to regain the White House is over. He is increasing his public alliances with insurrectionists, white supremacists, and anti-Semites and may be headed for self-destruction, while also trying to destroy the Republican party. Many say his behavior may signal he is having a mental breakdown. The talk of an orange jumpsuit being in Trump’s future is being replaced with talk of a white straight-jacket.

While Trump keeps losing elections, sounding like a Nazi- sympathizer, and getting closer to being indicted for crimes against American democracy, President Biden is getting the job done for the American people. Gas prices are way down, the job market is strong, wages are up, marriage equality between same sex couples is now federally protected, Brittany Griner has been released from Russian imprisonment, and America has regained its standing in the world as a beacon of democracy. World leaders have embraced President Biden and are relieved the corruption and crudeness of Donald Trump on the world stage IS OVER.

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