Republicans Promised Their Voters They Would Prioritize Inflation, Crime, And Immigration If They Regained Majority Control Of The House. However, Instead They Have Announced Their New Priorities Of Investigating Hunter Biden’s Laptop And Impeaching President Biden. Once Again The MAGA Republicans Have Used And Duped Their Base Who Will Need Psychological Deprogramming When Trump Is Indicted. Justice Is Coming And Trump Knows It.

This is a perfect example of how McCarthy will lead as Speaker of the House if elected. He declares what the problem is, what should happen, then doesn’t vote in favor of the solution. He is all talk, without a solution to any of America’s problems. The Hill describes the GOP’s ” Commitment to America” as an extremist agenda. Despite promising it’s base voters an aggressive agenda to deal with inflation, crime, and immigration. Despite what his promises were to his base, McCarthy agenda is to call for Secretary of Homeland Security Secretary Majorca to resign, to support  Marjorie Taylor Greene’s filing articles of impeachment against President Biden, and investigating  Hunter Biden. The Republicans have no legislative plan and no commitment to solving crime or inflation. The base of the party can thank McCarthy if they have to start buying  their groceries at the 99 cent store if he becomes Speaker. The fact that he is emboldened Taylor Greene to have any leadership role in the House trashes whatever flimsy legacy he might have been able to salvage.
This woman, who believes in QAnon conspiracy theories, attacks innocent trans children, and is a Constitutional illiterate will soon be given power by the sissy Rep. Kevin McCarthy to make a circus of the once esteemed House of Representatives . She is an admitted Christian white nationalist which is another way of saying “Nazi” friendly.  She has made derogatory comments about Jews, the LGBTQ community, and anyone who isn’t a fan of Donald Trump. Every time she opens her mouth nasty, hateful, threatening rhetoric spews out polluting our national conversation. We can thank American voters for at least giving Democrats the Senate. Greene and the MAGA House will waste millions of taxpayer dollars on bogus investigations to deflect attention away from their unpopular, anti-democratic agenda.
This nasty woman has a dangerous mean streak, exhibits abnormal beliefs and has used her Trump alliance to threatened the feckless Speaker wannabe Rep. Kevin McCarthy to embolden her with the power to abuse her office and make a mockery of the House of Representatives. President Biden is both laughing his ass off and and simultaneously keeping his focus on keeping America great despite the MAGA House agenda which is trying to erode America’s morality and democracy.

There is speculation by journalists and pundits that moderate GOP members of the House may reject the agenda of a McCarthy/ Taylor Greene Speakership. The majority margin in the House for Republicans is slim and despite their toxic visibility, MAGA crazies are a minority within the caucus. The alt- right extremism that was rejected in the mid- terms will support moderate Republicans to vote aligned with their constituents and to oppose House leadership.

With Trump’s slipping poll numbers and the threat of probable indictments of him  looming, it is probable that more Republicans will feel free to reject Trump surrogates and their white nationalist, anti- Semitic, homophobic, autocratic ideology. America is not and never was a Christian country. America has always welcomed diversity. If we keep religion out of politics, ban dark money contributions, eliminate lifetime judicial appointments, eliminate  majority and minority leadership positions, and end the electoral college, America may never see the likes of another MAGA movement and an unqualified mad king become president.

The base is addicted to Trump. They are fearful of diversity. Let’s give them free therapy and food coupons for one year and stop talking about them.

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