Democrats Won Control Of The Senate In The Mid-terms And The Fear Of A MAGA Takeover Is Dead. Furthermore, The Dark Probability Of Mitch McConnell Blocking President Biden’s Federal Judge Appointments Is Dead. The Potential For McConnell To Have Control Of Alt-Right Senate Committee Appointments Is Dead. The Chance Of Approving A House Impeachment Of President Biden Is Dead. Tonight The Last Knockout Punch To MAGA Got Thrown; Trump Devotee Kari Lake Loses In Arizona.

Joe Biden knew what he was doing when he warned Americans before the mid-terms not to vote for MAGA candidates. He had faith that his message about democracy being threatened would get out the vote and defeat the extremist, autocratic movement. He knew inflation and crime were issues that Republicans were focusing on to demean his presidency. However, he listened to his gut feelings and told the truth to Americans. He urged Americans to save democracy by voting against election deniers who had no agenda except pleasing Donald Trump and promoting their own careers. He told Americans the truth, and his honesty and compassion influenced the outcome of democratic wins.

The Republicans are reeling from the rejection of their election fraud lies, conspiracy theories, and hateful rhetoric by most Americans. No MAGA Senate. No MAGA Governors or Secretaries of State in the swing states. Americans who didn’t vote for Biden for president indirectly voted for him over Trump in the mid-terms. Democracy won in America, and there is a trend globally to reject autocrats like Trump. If Trump supporters don’t understand it is autocratic and criminal to ignore congressional subpoenas, steal classified government documents, attempt to insert fake electors to steal an election, incite violence against opponents, and suppress the vote, they shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Voting for an autocrat is a rejection of democracy.

Alt-right autocrats are losing elections throughout the world. America’s resistance to MAGA extremism is making an impression on other countries that are battling movements towards fascism and autocracy. The mid-term Republican losses has intensified a GOP movement away from Trump. There are calls for him to stay out of Georgia for Herschel Walkers run-off election. Several Fox News anchors are calling for him not to run for president in 2024. Rupert Murdoch is mocking him. Ron DeSantis’s poll numbers place his popularity ahead of Trump within the party. Trump’s denial of his waning popularity exposes the severity of his narcissism and low self-esteem and his claim of being a strongman is nothing more than a gaslighting ” big lie.”

Members of the Trump base who continue to support Trump, white nationalism and anarchists like Steve Bannon should refuse all the benefits of President Biden’s policies. Be a real MAGA loyalist and insist on paying full price for your insulin at the pharmacy. Return the stimulus money from Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Terminate your Obamacare Health Insurance and wait for the Trump/Republican healthcare program if they ever develop one. The hypocrisy of complaining about President Biden while gorging on the results of his policies that are strengthening the middle and lower middle class is a low character move.

This week, former VP Mike Pence and former Chief of Staff General John Kelly revealed more damning evidence of Trump’s corruption, low character and criminality. When asked during an interview what he thought about Trump running for president in 2024, Pence said, “I think we will have some better candidates.” General Kelly revealed that Ttump instructed the IRS to audit former Director of the FBI James Comey and Deputy director of the FBI Andrew McCabe in revenge for their lack of total fealty to him. The expectation of unquestionable loyalty is one of many traits Trump has in common with dictators.

America rejected Ttumpism in the mid-terms. They rejected the ideology of white nationalism, of denying the results of democratic elections, of cruelty and divisiveness, and the attack on women’s reproductive freedom. Americans have rejected the autocratic, fascist leanings of the Ttump Republican Party and the view that women, minorities and the LGBTQ community have unequal claims to individual rights in our democracy. The Republican MAGA candidates lost in huge numbers Tuesday and democracy regained the stability it lost because of the Trump-corrupted Republican Party and the GOP weaklings who remained silent opportunists.

Bye, Bye Kari. You lost. You have now become a victim of what author Rick Wilson wrote about in his book, ” Everything That Trump Touches Dies.” You now join countless friends, attorneys, politicians, and business partners whose careers, reputations, and, for some, their freedom have been lost. Any whining and denying about your loss will add humiliation and repudiation of your public image, whatever is left of it.

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