The Democrats Out-Performed Expectations In The 2022 Mid-Terms And Republican Losses Are Blamed On Donald Trump’s Influence. The ” Big Lie,” Election Deniers, And Wacko Candidates must Under-Performed Sending The Message That Americans Choose Defending Democracy And Women’s Reproduction Freedoms Over Trumpism. Control Of Congress Is Not Clear Yet. However, A Vote Of Confidence In President Biden’s Agenda Over A MAGA Agenda Is Undeniable.

The Republican Party’s mid-term failed performance reflects the public’s rejection of the divisive, corrupt, extremist MAGA/ Trump movement. A distancing from Trump is slowly emerging. It has been reported Trump is raging and ready to attack his party and any Republican who criticizes him and wants him to disappear from politics. Those who know him predict he won’t stop his MAGA roadshow because he craves the attention, thrives on the power, and is reliant on the income from donors.

Even Fox News and Rupert Murdoch are sick of Donald Trump destroying the Republican Party’s chances to win elections. The Republican party stuck with Trump through theAccess Hollywood, ” p—-sy tape, his embracing of Nazi’s in Charlottesville, being impeached twice, leading an insurrection against the US government, and losing the presidency, the House and the Senate in 2020. Despite Trump’s corruption, low character, autocratic governing style and criminality, he has bullied the weak, power-hungry Republican members of Congress into being unpatriotic, opportunistic ass-kissers. But since the mid-terms, the conservative media and some members of Congress are abandoning their servitude to him. Winning elections is proving to be more valuable to Republicans than Trump’s approval. The deification of the MAGA base by both the liberal and conservative media has aided in emboldening Trump’s destructive political influence.

The image of Trump as Humpty Dumpty on Murdoch’s Washington Post has infuriated the former president, and his revenge campaign may not be far away. The image on the Post reveals Murdoch is no longer a fan of Trump. The damage Trump is doing to the Republican Party’s brand has turned off the mogul’s support. “Trump Is the Republican Party’s Biggest Loser” was the verdict of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board. A subheading added: “He has flopped in 2018, 2020, 2021, and 2022.”( Guardian, Nov. 10, 2022).

Democratic wins in Tuesday’s mid-terms show the majority of Americans reject:

  • The MAGA political movement
  • Election deniers
  • The overturning of Roe v Wade
  • Donald Trump’s divisiveness
  • Unqualified, wacko candidates
  • The threat to democracy and political violence

President Biden thanked millennial and Gen Z voters for turning out in record numbers. The young vote was motivated by the issues of climate change, gun reform, and individual freedoms. He also thanked women who flooded the polls to fight for their legal right to obtain an abortion.

President Biden was proud of American voters for choosing the preservation of democracy over all the other issues facing America. He named inflation as a priority issue for his administration, however, he was encouraged that voters realized the MAGA threat to democracy and decency had to be the #1 issue in the mid-terms.

Look at that face! Trump’s anger doesn’t represent the soul of America. His violent outbursts are turning voters off. His repetitive lies are boring the majority of Americans to tears. His disrespect for the rule of law is frightening and unpatriotic. Mid-term voters rejected Trump’s dark vision of America. If the democrats keep control of Congress, or at least the Senate, President Biden will achieve his goals of banning assault rifles, codifying Roe v Wade, lowering the cost of food, prescription drugs, and gasoline, and enforcing not violating the Constitution.

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