Would Republican Candidate For Governor Of Nevada Kari Lake Or Governor Of Virginia Glen Youngkin Be Laughing At Jokes Made About There Spouses Getting Hit On The Head With A Hammer? They Are Vile People! Republicans Have Minimally Condemned The Vicious Attack On Paul Pelosi By A MAGA Maniac Radicalized By Trump And His Ideolgy Of Hate, Lies And Conspiracy Theories. Donald Trump’s Silence About The Attack Reveals His Sick, Sociopathic Character And The Urgency For Him To Be Indicted.

This woman is a Trump surrogate of the worse kind. She says she can only lose if the election is rigged. She is endorsing a candidate for the Oklahoma legislature who recently said, ” the Jews are evidence that evil exists.” At a recent appearance, she joked about Nancy Pelosi having security for herself, but joking about her home of not having enough protection. Lake is an insensitive, crude conspiracy theorist who will turn Arizona into a cruel, clown car of idiocy. Lake is a perfect example of a candidate that must be defeated. She isn’t a champion of democracy. Instead, she is an election denier who along with Trump, Steve Bannon, and the insurrectionists, prefers a one-party dictatorship as long as it’s controlled by Republicans.

A red flag that suggests a candidate is an enemy of democracy is a declaration that if they lose an election, that proves the election was rigged. That is what dictators say to retain power even when they lose. Trump borrowed this autocratic political scam from autocrats and dictators from foreign countries. Their scam includes predicting fraud will occur, declaring fraud if they lose, and refusing to concede and accept the vote of the people. The deception of the scam is obvious for two main reasons; 1) They never have evidence to prove their claims of fraud, and 2) they never claim fraud if they win. Kari Lake has refused to say she will concede if she loses. She is a cry baby, whiner, sore loser, anti- patriotic, conspiracy theorist danger to democracy and an embarrassment to real Republucans and women.

These Arizona candidates are alt-right extremists. They support the ” big lie”, oppose women’s reproductive freedom, are white nationalist, pro- dark money and pro- autocracy. Their version of democracy is Trump’s version; refer to America as a “democracy” but govern as an autocracy in the image of Russia.

Some Republican officials have condemned the violence but refuse to acknowledge the politically motivated attack. To admit politics was involved would be an admission that the political rhetoric of Trump is responsible for the current climate of violence in politics. Republicans have also blamed democrats for the attack by blaming President Biden for Americas’s problem with crime. They have ignored that the attacker aligned himself with MAGA conspiracy theories, Q’ANON ideology, and the obsession with committing violent acts against Nancy Pelosi. The demonizing of democrats by republicans has resulted in the normalization of political violence. The GOP uses scare tactics to convince white Christian Americans that democrats and people of color are trying to “replace them.” This lie about “a replacement theory” has created irrational fears in the republican base permitting MAGA voters to use violence against political opponents they are convinced are evil.

Donald Trump, the leader of the Republucan party has embraced the conspiracy theory Q’anon which believes democrats are running a pedophile ring, drinking babies blood, only Trump can save the children. He is all in with the Q’Anon movement, supports candidates who are members of the cult, and recently wore a “Q” pin to please the sick, gullible wing of the base. It is this kind of narrative that scares people who might be mentally challenged enough to feel getting violent is patriotic. Nancy Pelosi would have been kidnapped, beaten, and possibly murdered by a man who has been convinced that violence will save America from enemies of our democracy. Trump weaponized his followers on Jan. 6th and is still doing it. Electing candidates like Herschel Walker and Marjorie Taylor Greene guarantees America will become a government run by psychologically challenged people who hold extremist views and exhibit clinically delusional thinking.

Paul Pelosi will not be the last casualty of the current political war unless the violent, racist rhetoric tops. Will it take a prominent republican or member of their family getting attacked for the anger politics to stop?

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