Despite Suffering A Stroke 5 months Ago, John Fetterman’s Debate Performance Showed His Cognitive Abilities And Competent Grasp Of The Issues Are Perfectly Intact. Past World Leaders Like Prime Minister Winston Churchill And President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Competently Led Their Countries Through Wars And Economic Crises Despite Suffering From Disability And Serious Medical Conditions. Fetterman Will Be A Great Senator. Mehmet Oz Is A Liar And Unqualified To Serve In The Senate.

Medical experts agree John Fetterman is making fantastic progress after suffering an ischemic stroke five months ago. His issues with auditory processing and expressive aphasia are typical symptoms in the recovery process after this kind of stroke. Experts agree Fetterman is on course for a full recovery, and his cognitive abilities will remain unimpaired. Fetterman, a lifelong Pennsylvanian, currently serves as lieutenant governor of the state. He served as mayor of Braddock, PA, from 2006-2019. His political experience makes Dr. Oz look like the fake opportunist he is. Dr. Oz has also shown a mean streak in his character, which aligns with Trump and other alt-right candidates. Oz, a medical doctor, has cruelly implied Fetterman is unfit to serve in the Senate due to the verbal symptoms he intermittently exhibits due to his stroke five months ago. Dr. Oz should read history and learn it is filled with leaders who conquered disability and medical illnesses and accomplished acts of greatness for their countries.
In 1949, Sir Winston Churchill suffered his first stroke. He had several episodes from additional strokes from 1949 to 1952. He also suffered from uncontrolled hypertension and cerebrovascular disease. He experienced paralysis down his left side after his first stroke. He continued to serve his country and influence world politics. His illnesses were not politicized. Instead, his talent as a politician, skills as a great orator and loyal statesman kept him in office after World War II.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt suffered an attack of polio at the age of 39. He became paralyzed from the waist down and remained wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. He also suffered other challenging medical symptoms as a result of polio. He went on to serve as one of America’s greatest presidents from 1933 to 1945. Like Fetterman, Roosevelt’s illnesses did not impair his cognitive abilities. In the political climate of the alt-right, MAGA, Trump nightmare America lost it’s tolerance, compassion and understanding for people with disabilities or medical conditions. Donald Trump’s mental conditions have proven to be far more damaging to the country than John Fetterman needing a bit more time to process auditory information.

Dr. Oz became known for pushing strange, bogus medical remedies on his show. He regularly guaranteed health benefits from products without showing scientific validation his claims. Oz’s entertainer personality is modeled after Trump; arrogant, grandiose, dishonest, and opportunistic. John Fetterman is a down to earth, native of Pennsylvania, and an experienced politician. He has accurately pointed out that Oz is not a Pennsylvanian. He was born in Ohio, grew up in Delaware, went to college in Pennsylvania and as an adult set up longtime residence was Cliffside Park, New Jersey. Oz also has no political experience and is the perfect candidate Trump likes to support because he will use him like a puppet to further his MAGA agenda.

When asked about abortion during his debate this week with Fetterman, Dr. Oz said a “national ban on abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy should be up to states to decide — including local politicians.” If elected to the Senate, Fetterman promises to codify Roe v Wade into law showing respect for a woman’s right to reproductive freedom. Mehmet Oz is not the kind of man who can relate to the issues facing the average American. Pennsylvanians and the U.S. Senate need John Fetterman’s character, competence, and toughness to help America heal from the assault on America by Republicans like Mehmet Oz.

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