Donald Trump Issued An Ominous, Anti-Semitic Warning; “To U.S. Jews. You Have To Get Your Act Together Before It’s Too Late.” His Anger At American Jews For Not Praising Him More For His Policies Towards Israel Has Resurfaced, Exposing His Phony, Self-Serving Pro-Israel Rants. ” I Love The Jews” Is Another Trump “Big Lie.” The ” I Love Israel” Mantra Is A Scam Aimed At Winning Jewish Votes And Get Donations From Big Money Jewish Donors.

The majority of American Jews know Trump is anti-Semitic. His mentor father, Fred Trump was a friend of the Ku Klux Klan and the influence of Jewish hatred has built a tolerance in Trump for white supremacist, anti-Semitic groups and their hateful rhetoric against Jews. Some of his insurrectionist rioters wore pro- Holocaust t-shirts and yet in his forced statement asking them to leave the Capitol, Trump professed his love for “all” his supporters who participated in the violent attack. In 2017, referring to a violent Nazi march in Charlottesville, Trump referred to the crowd as having ” good people on both sides.”
Nazi’s giving the Hitler salute were among the Charlottesville demonstrators Trump referred to as ” good people.” Most Americans will choose to pay more for chicken and gas for another year over letting autocrats, election deniers, conspiracy theorists, racists and Russian sympathizers bring down our democracy.
American Jews don’ t care about Trump’s view of them or his directives and opinions about what it means to be a good Jew. His devotion to a base which includes of members from all of the major white supremacist groups discredits any positive comments he makes  the Jews. Additionally, it puts into question whether he shares the anti- Semitic ideology that defines these hate groups. His unwillingness to consistently denounce these groups and their ideology has created suspicion of Trump’s own anti-Semitic feelings. US Jews are smarter than his base. He hasn’t succeeded in duping them into believing any of his phony, opportunistic claims of his love of Jews simply because he touts “I love Israel.” He duped his base that he loves American by hugging the flad for a photo op. The Jewish people are too smart to be fooled by stunts and falsehoods.

The twice-impeached, highly investigated ex-president talks about Jews in stereotypical terms, often referring to them as good with money, short, yarmulke-wearing, and intelligent. Minority groups become uncomfortable when referred to using stereotypical labels.  However, Trump implies U.S. Jews don’t care about the survival of Israel, which aims to incite division among the entire Jewish population. The point of doing this is two-fold: to retain the support of Jews whose primary political issue is Israel and to seek revenge on American Jews by publicly questioning their loyalty to Israel. Additionally, it is anti-Semitic to view the Jews (or any minority) as a one-issue group. Like most of Trump’s divisive assertions, his recent remark that American Jews “don’t care about Israel ” exemplifies his whining, weak ego about not getting the adoration he craves from Jews. Currently, 77% percent of US Jews disapprove of Trump. ( Jewish Electorate Institute, April 2022).

Trump is loyal only to himself. When he was president, he had a bromance with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. However, when Netanyahu congratulated Joe Biden for winning the presidency, Trump kicked him to the curb. Trump’s attachment to people, groups, and policies is based exclusively on how much loyalty they show and how much money he can convince them to donate to him. Conman, liar, racist, conspiracy theorist, white nationalist, fake Christian, and anti-Semite. Trump’s comments about deserving more praise from U.S. Jews prove how low his self-esteem is and how unfit and undeserving he is of the attention he continues to get.

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