Herschel Walker Is The Poster Child For Everything Immoral, Embarrassing And Corrupt About The Republican Party. It’s No Surprise Donald Trump Loves Walker, A Man, Like Him, Who Is Also A Chronic Liar,  Accused Of Physically Abusing Women, A Hypocrite, And A Womanizer. By Choosing Walker As Their Candidate, The Republican Party Admits They Don’t Care About Morality, Ethics Or Competence. They Only Care About Winning Power.

Walker is unqualified to be a Senator. Being a lawmaker requires knowing the law and being able able to debate complex issues and write policy that align with the Constitution. Like his mentor, Donald Trump, he parrots alt-right talking points and offers no viable solutions to the problems facing the country. He lied about graduating from college in the top 1% of his class, however the truth is he left college as a junior to play professional football. There have been instances where his comments about an issue sounded incoherent. Regarding air quality, Walker blamed China for corrupting America’s air supply. “Do you know we don’t control this air?” he told the audience. No matter how much money we put in controlling our air, it goes over to China or to somewhere else, and it messes it up. All of a sudden, it comes back over here. All we’re doing is spending money.”( Atlantic, Oct. 7, 2022).

Additionally, when Walker was asked if he supported President Biden’s infrastructure bill he said, “I have to see all the facts.” Did he not think of reading the bill? He also falsely claimed The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act ” just doesn’t fit what John Lewis stood for.” Backing Walker as a candidate continues Trump’s pattern of supporting unqualified people to serve in positions they are not qualified to hold.

There is material evidence that Walker paid for his ex- girlfriends abortion. The same woman has also revealed Walker tried to convince her to abort a second pregnancy with her and she refused. Their son is now 10 years-old and per the mother Walker is not involved in a fathering role with him. Christian Walker, a grown son of Walker,posted about his dad on Twitter, “You’re not a “family man”, you left us to bang a bunch of women, threatened to kill us, and had us move over 6 times in 6 months running from your violence.” Christian, a conservative influencer, had previously supported his dads candidacy. However, he has come out against him because he claims Walker is lying about being a super-Christian family man.
The epitome of Republican corruption and hypocrisy. Senator Mitch McConnell continues to lead the demise of character in his party. Kentucky voters have been duped by Mc Connell like Trump has deceived MAGA voters. Kentucky is one of the lowest-functioning states in the country. McConnell is in politics to gain power and money, not to elevate the functional level of his floundering home state. Poor Trump supporters aren’t any more prosperous or better off because of Trump’s policies. The MAGA con man has won his base by promoting white fear politics through his racist rhetoric and campaign against immigrants ( despite marrying two immigrant women). The mantra of the Republican party has become ” anything a Republican does is ok, but if a democrat does the same thing, it’s wrong.” Hypocrisy should be a disqualifying trait for members of any party.

In their pursuit of gaining control back of the Senate, even non- MAGA politicians like Mitch McConnell are throwing their full support behind Walker, despite his obvious character flaws, hypocrisy, and incompetence to serve in the Senate. The Republican party’s willingness to back any extremist, racist, unqualified candidate because Donald Trump is supporting them is proof the current GOP is a threat to our democracy and a stain on the character of the United States. Pundits and politicians from both party’s say Herschel Walker is being used by Trump and other alt- right as a puppet to combat the view that he is a racist. Choosing a black athlete appears to be a strategy to win votes, not to elect competent people to serve in Congress. When a competent democrat politician is accused of lesser behaviors than Herschel Walker is accused of, Republicans insist they resign or be ostracized by their party. The hypocrisy of the GOP is malignant and could result in a dangerous level of corruption and immorality throughout Congress.

Vote against the incompetence of any person from any party. American democracy depends on competent elected officials. Incompetence is a precursor to corruption and other disastrous outcomes.

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