A Woman’s Right To Reproductive Freedom Must Be Restored. Women’s Marches Are Happening Across The Country This Weekend In Opposition To The Extremist Republican Supreme Court Justices Decision To Defy Precedent And Take Away An Individual Right That Will Threaten The Lives Of Women And Girls. There Is Cruelty And Misogyny Inherent In Abortion Bans And The Majority Of Women In America Won’t Allow Old White Men And Evangelical Women To Control Their Reproductive Freedoms.

How would women with anti-abortion sentiments feel if the government tried to regulate how many children they could have? What if the government enacted laws requiring them to take birth control measures to block pregnancies? Pro-life voters defend their opposition to a woman’s right to choose based on their religious beliefs. Based on their religion, any woman has the right to reject abortion should they find themselves facing an unwanted pregnancy. However, it’s illogical and abusive to force women with different beliefs to make reproductive decisions aligned with women who hold extreme religious beliefs.
Writing for the majority opinion in Roe v. Wade, Justice Harry Blackmun said that the court held a woman’s right to an abortion was implicit in the right to privacy protected under the 14th Amendment. ( Chicago 5, NBC, June 2023). The decision to stay pregnant or terminate a pregnancy is as private an issue can be.  How would men feel if the government put a ban on vasectomies because women wanted to preserve their right to become pregnant during sex? Why should religious beliefs be seen as more relevant than the personal wants or goals of female sexual partners?
How would Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or Ron DeSantis react to mandated vasectomies? How would men like the government controlling their reproductive choices? The core issue involved in abortion rights is personal freedom and privacy. Republicans are for small government when it suits their agendas. However, they are in full support of a big federal government when it comes to controlling women’s reproductive freedoms and putting military assault weapons in the hands of the general public. Every American man and woman should worry about government control over women’s health and reproductive choices because the loss of one freedom is the beginning of other freedoms being lost. Justice Clarence Thomas has signaled that the Court may re-evaluate other laws that involve personal freedoms related to gay marriage, the use of female contraception, and specific sexual acts performed between two consenting adults.

A woman’s choice to have an abortion is based on health concertns, social/ emotional issues, and the right to privacy. Many medical conditions increase the odds of a pregnancy being dangerous to the mothers health or life. Bans on abortion endanger the lives of women with various medical conditions. The rigid pro-life stance that excludes exceptions when the health or life of the mother is at risk is inhumane and women are rejecting the Courts authority to threaten their lives, their financial security, and emotional wellbeing.

Chief Justice John Roberts is out of touch with the public’s accurate reaction to the Trump-stacked court rulings that break with precedent to support the ideology of the alt-right. He recently stated, ” the Court’s role should not be called into question just because people disagree with decisions.This statement minimizes the current Court’s pattern of interpreting the Constitution in ways that overturn rulings of prior Supreme Courts to align with their party’s extreme ideology. When rulings break with precedent, loss of trust and respect for the ethics and skills of the Court and its justices are justified.

They lied under oath during their confirmation hearings saying Roe v Wade has settled the law. They should be impeached. They are illegitimate seatholders. Unfortunately, Democrats won’t go bold and take that ethical action. Republicans would have already started impeachment proceedings if three democrats had lied their way onto the Court. Democrats must stop worrying about backlash from losers like Trump, McConnell, Graham, Hannity, and Russian reality star Tucker Carlson.
They lied. There should be consequences.

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