Election Deniers Like Ginni Thomas Are Dangerous, Anti-Democratic Fanatics And Will Ultimately Fail In Achieving Their Goal Of Transforming America Into A One- Party, Alt-Right System. The MAGA Devotees Who Continue To Lie About Election Fraud With No Evidence To Prove Their Accusations Are Sounding Wacky, Scary, Angry And Dangerous. Republican Voters May Hate Democrats, However, New Polls Indicate They Hate Liars And Conspiracy Theorists More.

During her testimony to the Jan. 6th Committee, Ginni Thomas, the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas said she still believes the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. She is an example of why Americans have to be vigilant about voting against any mid-term candidate who is an election denier. There is a movement by Trump Republicans to steal election they don’t win. Dozens of candidates running for governorships, senate and house seats, and secretary’s of state offices are election deniers who support legislation giving the power to the states to negate the will of the voters. They support declaring an election fraudulent if their party loses and overturning the results. This practice would end the American democracy.
Democrats are alerting Americans to vote against Trump- backed election deniers. In the races in 27 states for governorattorney general and secretary of state, at least one election-denying candidate will be on the ballot who has echoed former President Donald Trump’s continuing false claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him.” (NBC News, Sept. 14, 2022, Adam Edelman). If these election deniers win, the will of the voters will not be reflected in the election results. The majority of elected Republican officials have enabled Trump’s “big lie” scam that is threatening the survival of democratic elections. The MAGA movement along with silent, opportunistic Republican Senators Mitch McConnell, Ben Sasse, Susan Collins, and others are putting democracy in the hands of people who believe stealing elections is acceptable if the steal overturns the election of a democrat.
These poor duped Trump supporters look ridiculous holding signs about a stolen election that has been proven to be legitimate by as many red states as blue states. Over 60 courts have thrown out Trump’s claims of fraud. Trump ally Rudy Giuliani’s crazy assertions that tens of thousands of aliens voted in Arizona and 65,000 underage people voted in Georgia resulted in the mayor’s law license being suspended by the New York Bar Association. Trump’s reality tv show titled ” the big lie,” has captured the minds of celebrity junkies who love rallies, propaganda merchandise, and the possibility of violence. Why would any normal adult believe the pronouncement that an election was fraudulent without seeing any evidence that proved the accusation? Simple answer? MAGA IS A CULT AND TRUMP ( having admittedly studied cult-like dictators) IS THE LEADER. This kind of photo damages America’s past reputation as an intelligent, moral, stable country.

Unfortunately, in 2016 Republicans overlooked the racist, misogynistic, immoral incompetence of Donald Trump and elected him as their president. They have given their party over to his extremist movement that equally disrespects traditional conservatives and liberal democrats. Now the GOP faces a crisis of character and patriotism: vote for candidates in your party that lie, believe in conspiracy theories, and promote violence in politics or vote for a democrat who respects and protects the rule of law and civility. Choosing to vote for an election denier puts in question whether those voters are loyal or disloyal to the Constitution and the preservation of democracy.

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