President Biden Didn’t Cause The Inflation The US Is Experiencing. He Inherited the Trump Mishandling Of Covid And The Ukraine War. He Didn’t Cheat To Win The Presidency. He Didn’t Cause Thousands Of Immigrants To Flee Their Countries To Pursue The Promise America Has Inscribed On The Statue Of Liberty. He Isn’t Being Investigated For Crimes Against Democracy. He Hasn’t Hired People To Serve In His Administration That Are Unqualified For Their Jobs And Who Believe the Q’Anon Conspiracy Theory Is True And That White Supremacy Will Make America Great Again.

Sadly, millions of Americans no longer value empathy and compassion in their leaders.  In the legislation he has passed, President Biden shows compassion for the needs of ALL Americans. In equal support of governors from both blue and red states, President Biden has provided federal assistance for disasters they have faced in their states. President Biden opposes any policy that marginalizes, demonizes, or ostracizes any minority group. He is a man of faith,  a lifetime public servant, and a defender of democracy. He also shows us how a real strongman can be empathic and maintain his strength and convictions. Fake strongman act like loudmouth bullies. They threaten and seek revenge because they are weak, insecure imposters. When you compare how President Biden aggressively confronts Vladimir Putin and how Trump kissed up to him, praised him, and modeled his dictator style of governing.

The juvenile excitement MAGA Republicans feel about bullying, bigotry, vengence, and violence is a symptom of joining the cult movement led by Trump. He lacks empathy, feels hatred towards those who oppose him, turns to violence when he feels insecure and enjoys ridiculing and demeaning people. He has sold the gullible GOP base that these traits are “strongman” traits that America depends on in order for it’s democracy to survive. The con man has convinced his base that compassion, empathy and gentleness is weak. Was Joe Biden weak when he ended the Afghanistan War? ( a promise Trump failed to keep). Was Joe Biden weak when he declared his full-throated support of Ukraine from Vladimir Putin.

His empathy isn’t felt for the disabled, veterans of war, or law enforcement defending democracy. His disordered character show empathy for anyone willing to risk their lives, careers, and reputations to defend him and to act to destroy democracy.

Cruelly mimicking a disabled journalist told the majority of Americans Trump does not possess the morality or character needed to be president or in any position of power in government.. The personal attacks on John McCain’s military service was more proof of his low character. He was angered by the Arizona Senator being called a war hero. This bone spur draft dodger said, ” He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who don’t get captured.” Many members of the military have withdrawn support of Trump because of his insulting comments towards soldiers who died in service, referring to them as ” losers.”

Trump’s critical comments after the Jan. 6 insurrection regarding the Capitol and DC police defense of members of Congress and the peaceful transfer of power was deplorable. He sided with the behavior of the rioters and described the brutal attack on law enforcement as ” there was a lot of hugging and kissing” going on. He also publicly and dangerously targeted the police officer who shot Ashlet Babbitt, the rioterer who was violently breaking into the Capitol.

The Q’Anon conspiracy theory says the media and democrats are an organized pedophile ring mlesting and eating babies. It also says God has sent Donald Trump to fight these deep state pedophiles. This endorsement of Trump is ironic and ignorant iven one of his social buddies was convicted prdophile Jeffrey Epstein. The hallmark trait of a cultist is to believe everything in the message cult leader espouses. A threat to democracy is that people who suffer from delusions maintain their right to vote. Differences in political ideology is part of a being a democracy. Worshipping autocrats, supporting a one-party system, calling facts ” fake news” and inciting violent government takeovers threatens democracy.

At a recent rally, Trump publicly embraced the crazy Q’Anon conspiracy theory. His base is heavily populated by white supremacists, conspiracy theorists, anti- government, violent people who admire his lack of compassion, his violent tendencies, his lying, and his disregard for the law. Americans who support him and reject the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s presidency should be exempt from the benefits his legislative wins are generating. True loyalty to Trump should include gorging on Joe Biden’s accomplishments. I suggest the base show up in masses at Mara-a-Lago and request entry for free meals, low cost housing and cash to buy the medications they can’t afford.

When the topic of Russian interference in the US 2020 presidential election, Trump infamously announced, ” I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that President Putin was firm and powerful in his denial today,” The backlash from siding with Putin on the world stage was swift and harsh, led by the leadership of the Republican party. Then Speaker of the House Paul Ryan” rejected the idea of a “moral equivalence” between the US and the Russian Federation.” Then Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell said, “As I’ve said repeatedly, the Russians are not our friends, and I entirely agree with the assessment of our intelligence community.” Sen. John McCain, the Arizona Republican, called it “one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory.” (NPR, July 17, 2018). At the beginning of Trump’s presidency, the traditional wing of the Republican party fought in opposition to his alliances with Putin and other dictators, his racist rhetoric, his welcome support of white supremacists, and his breaking of laws and American norms of decency. However, as the power of the cult, Trump grew, and MAGA members infiltrated Congress, the Grand Old Party became a ” Group Of Puppets,” weak, passive, and self-interested enablers.

Imagine how Trump and MAGA members would react if President Biden, while overseas, announced, ” I think Kim Kong Un can be trusted.” The normalization of hypocrisy will be one of many of ic legacies of Trump and his autocratic, dangerous assault. The success he had in duping millions of Americans revealed the reality of how widespread the need is for low-cost access to mental health services.

President Biden isn’t afraid to stand up to Putin. He has called him an enemy, a bully, and a dictator and, in outrage about the invasion of Ukraine, said, ” My God, this man cannot remain in power.” I suppose Biden’s lack of business interests in Russia and his lack of interest in being in the global club of autocrats and dictators makes it easier for him to stay loyal to America’s interests than it is for Trump.

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