Rep. Kevin McCarthy Has Announced The Republicans “Commitment To America” Agenda Leading Up To The Mid-Term Elections. The Agenda Is Thin On Detail And Omits Issues Preserve Democracy And Protecting Individual Freedoms. Like Trump, McCarthy Dupes The Base With Phony Red Meat Promises Because, Like Gullible Children, They Easily Believe What They Are Told Without Question.

This ad for the Republican 2022 agenda is false, hypocritical, and ignores quality of life issues for the majority of average Americans. In each category of the agenda’s The Republicans have failed.
A person who thinks they are perfect, never wrong, self-promoting, lies, blames is a malignant narcissist. The Republican party has caught Trump’s pathology. How can a US political party be seen as patriotic when they function in alignment with German Joseph Goebbels saying, “If you tell a lie big enough, and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”


  • Republicans have refused to comply with congressional subpoena’s
  • When testifying, Republican elected officials and former members of the Trump administration have taken the fifth amendment
  • Republican members of the Trump Administration have been found guilty of lying under oath
  • Trump pardoned convicted felon allies of his who were convicted of crimes against the US government and potentially put national security at risk
  • The Republican Party has refused to admit Trump lost the 2020 election by spreading “the big lie” about election fraud


Women’s health is endangered by the Republican movement to ban all abortions. Those Republicans see America as a Christian country should move or at least read what is written in the Constitution and on the Statue of Liberty.
  • The Republican Supreme Court Majority overturned Roe v Wade removing federal protections for a woman’s reproductive freedom
  • Justice Clarence Thomas has indicated other individual rights such as access to contraception, gay marriage, and certain sexual behaviors will be ruled on by the Court
  • Freedom of speech for educators in the classroom will be limited legislatively around the subjects of slavery, the holocaust and gender diversity
  • Unconstitutional government interventions limiting the right to peacefully demonstrate


He sided with Putin over the US intelligence community about Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. He lied about doing business with Russia. He complimented Putin’s invasion tactics against Uktaine as ” genius”. The Republicans silence about Trump embracing Putin makes them part of making America more unsafe.
  • A total of 202 House members voted against the “Protecting Our Kids Act” gun reform after the Uvalde, Texas school massacre
  • The Republican agenda calls for defunding the FBI which is the most powerful law enforcement agency in government
  • The Republicans have criticized law enforcement officers for defending the Capitol during the violent Trump- inspired insurrection
  • The Republicans refuse to support a ban on military assault weapons putting these dangerous weapons of war in the hands of the average citizen.
  • Republicans are leading a discriminatory campaign against LGBTQ rights making members of that community targets of violence by white supremacists and religious extremists
  • Donald Trump and his allies welcome white supremacist hate groups into their base which has increased the incidence of anti-semitic violence
  • Republican rhetoric is accusing all immigrants and asylum seekers of illegally seeking entry into the US which is making them unsafe targets of violence
  • By spreading disinformation about the 2020 election being stolen from him, Trump and the MAGA Republicans are endangering President Biden, members of his administration, democratic voters, and election officials in danger


  • The Republicans support of Trump weakens our country by alienating allies and embracing dictators who hate America
  • The Republicans aggressive demonization and polarization between the parties, weakens our democracy
  • By opposing climate change legislation that promotes job growth and increases our global competitiveness, the US economy is weakened long term
  • The Republican readiness to reduce programs like Medicare, Medi-cal, Social Security American families will be weakened
  • By opposing legislation to reduce the price of pharmaceuticals and opposition to the Affordable Care Act, the Republican agenda weakens the health of Americans
Why Are so many Republicans leading the movement to get Trump indicted and destroy the MAGA movement? Because they want to restore the Republican party to decency and loyalty to the Constitution. They also want to join democrats to save democracy.

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