The Test For Democracy’s Survival Is For the DOJ To Indict Any Former Or Current President, Senator, Governor, Congressman, Or Supreme Court Justice Found To Have Committed A State Or Federal Crime. That Is What “No One Is Above The Law” Means. That Is What The Constitution Dictates. The Wheels Of Justice Needs To Speed Up. Investigations Into Serious Accusations Must Be Initiated Without Hesitation Because Of A Person’s Political Position.

The King of voter suppression knows the majority of minorities, the disabled, seniors and the poor do not support him. Voter suppression laws oppose mail in voting, drop off mailboxes for ballots, require excessive identification requirements, and support the elimination of multiple days for in-person voting. These restrictions target voter blocks that traditionally vote for Democrats. Despite the investigations that are proceeding against Trump for election interference, tax evasion, inciting an insurrection, stealing government documents and lying about them, and installing false electors to steal electoral votes from Joe Biden.
They don’t seem to know what’s in the Constitution. Trump’s inner circle report he would refuse to read daily briefs. Reading the Constitution is where one finds the facts about the laws. Manufactured lies and false interpretations of what the Constitution says is the Trump method to replace reading the document and learning facts. Hate-based rhetoric is the MAGA replacement for the written laws of our democracy.

Trump supporters don’t care about the rule of law. When asked about how they feel about the laws Trump has violated, they deny he violated a law. They don’t back up their opinions with evidence, a ploy they learned from Trump. Trump’s own lawyers warned him in multiple situations that his actions violated laws, however, he continued to break them. Like true cultists, the only truth for them is what the cult leader says is true.

The foundation of our country’s democracy is voting. The will of the people is a sacred component of the Constitution. Increasing access to vote signals a staunch support for expanding the number of Americans who participate in our representative government. Trump and the MAGA wing of the party support voter suppression because they realize it eliminates voters who will vote against Trump and Republicans. Cheating, lying, and promoting violence has become what the Trump Republican party offers to our political process. Non- MAGA Republicans have allowed their party and the conservative ideology it stands for to be overtaken by Trump, conspiracy theorists, Q’Anon followers, white supremacists, and anarchists. To protect their jobs, they have sacrificed their character.

Earlier this week, Attorney General Merrick Garland led hundreds of new American citizens through the oath of allegiance to America at a naturalization ceremony at Ellis Island. Garland made it clear that he is committed to upholding the rule of law no matter who the investigated person may be. Garland spoke of the importance of “the rule of law” and the current threat of American polarization, invoking the Founding Fathers’ urge to remain united. Constitutional experts have interpreted Garland’s comment to mean the DOJ is not intimidated by Trump’s threat of violence if he is indicted. Trump’s long run of criminality and assaults on our democratic norms appears to be coming to an end.
The majority of the country stands by upholding democracy over worshipping Donald Trump and ignoring the rule of law

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