Trafficking Asylum Seekers Into Other States Is The Latest Proof That Governors Ron DeSantis And Greg Abbott Are Cruel, Dangerous, Political Game-Players. They Are Neglecting The Problems In Their States And Spending Millions Of Tax Payer Dollars To Rally Their Base For Political Gain. Men Like These Governors Care Nothing About The Laws And Values Of America. Republicans? Can’t You Find Candidates With A Shred Of Decency?

DeSantis and Abbott! More law-breaking by Republican officials. The corruption is blatant. The rule of law is continuously violated by Trump, his political allies, and these GOP governors. A flurry of indictments on the level of the Watergate scandal is imminent.
Donald Trump has normalized the diagnosis of malignant narcissism and racism into the majority of their Republican politicians. A Trump- like politician, Ron DesSantis’s latest stunt of herding and trafficking legal asylum seekers to other states is an example of the decline in character of many Republican politicians . He lied to the 50 vulnerable Venezuelans about where they were being shipped and gave them no choices. He gave Floridians no choice as he squandered tax dollars on enacting this political stunt. He isn’t interested in participating in humanitarian efforts to support immigration reform. DeSantis and other Republicans know they are so out of sync with the majority of Americans they would never win an election without cheating, gerrymandering, the electoral college, and promoting the politics of hate, especially against immigrants, minorities and the LGBTQ community. Questions for DeSantis to be forced to answer are:
  • Why didn’t he call the governor’s of the states he was shipping asylum seekers to and give them notice?
  • Does he have documentation that he has contacted the administration to ask for federal help to manage the influx of immigrants?
  • Prior to the mid-terms would he be willing to spend more time addressing his state’s problem with environmental challenges, healthcare, housing, and goods and services which all fall below the national average. instead of running on the “big lie”, the fake “critical race theory”, abortion, and attacking the transgender community?
  • Will he reveal his taxes, corporate donors, and contact with any MAGA federal government elected officials?
  • What are his ideas to reform our immigration laws? Does he realize that immigration is part of America’s Constitution?
  • Does he think America should close it’s borders even to people escaping genocide and other inhumane conditions?
Bussing immigrants from Texas has made Greg Abbott look cold, racist, and anti-democracy. It is not a good look for a politician who leads a diverse state like Texas. Abbott complains about the problem of increasing numbers of migrants crossing the border but offers complaints without solutions that factor in humanitarian measures. Abbott, like DeSantis are not interested in humanitarianism, not even for American citizens. Abbott accuses President Biden of not caring about the safety of American citizens, describing the administration’s attention to the humane treatment of immigrants to supporting drug cartels. Abbott lies and uses scare tactics to garner voter support because he is horrible at governance.
He is an alt-right autocrat and hopefully the diverse population of Texas will vote out of office. Texas has another chance to vote for Beto O’Rourke, a compassionate Texan who will govern out of love for the state, ALL Texans, and the preservation of individual freedoms.

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