While President Biden Gave An Optimistic, Patriotic Speech To Union Members on Labor Day, The Former President Was Whining About The US Government Investigating His Crime Spree. Biden Has Accomplished More In Half A Term Than Any President In The Last 40 Years While The Former President Attacks Democracy, Whines Like Baby, And Uses His Cult-Base To Earn A Living. He Has Duped The Working Class Into Thinking He Cares About Them. He Couldn’t Care Less About Them. He’s An Elitist Member Of The Swamp.

At his speech in Wisconsin on Labor Day, President Biden touted the accomplishments of the American Rescue Plan, which created 10 million new jobs, increased wages, and brought unemployment to a near 50-year low.  Biden said not one Republican voted for his plan. The President also reminded the labor audience that the Butch Lewis Act included in his plan protects their pensions and secures a solvent retirement. Republicans are not committed to protecting entitlement programs, even ones American workers have paid into throughout their lives. Since Biden took office, he took the following steps to overturn the anti-union policies of Donald Trump:

  • Fired Peter Robb – Trump’s General Counsel for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), who is an anti-union attorney
  • Got rid of the 10 Trump- appointed members of the Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP), which decides contract disputes between federal unions and the government.
  • Repealed union-busting Trump executive orders
  • Ordered OSHA to create a Covid safety standard
  • Strengthened ‘Buy American’ provisions
  • Ordered a $15 minimum wage for federal contractors
  • Allowed federal unions to bargain again
  • Signed order allowing workers to refuse dangerous work
  • Announced his support for the Protecting the Right To Act

Donald Trump portrays himself as pro-worker. However, like many of his claims, that’s a big lie. More accurately, Donald Trump made herculean efforts to destroy unions and the middle class. An article in Liuna ( 0ct.12, 2020), outlined the actions the Trump Administration took to destroy unions and worker protections:

  • The Anti-Union Hit List.  The Trump Administration’s Labor Board General Counsel issued a memo regarding his anti-union priorities immediately after taking office.
  • Cracked down on picketing, limiting the voices of workers
  • Allowed employers to search workers personal vehicles
  • Restricted worker rights to have conversations about their union at work
  • Limited access for workers to seek remedies for federal labor law violations
  • Adopted a policy of attempting to make it easier to sue unions and file charges against them regarding their representation of employees
  • Held that employees do not have a right to use employer-owned email accounts for union activity.
  • Delayed Union Elections and Increased Legal Costs. 
  • Held that an employer can make a unilateral change to employees’ working conditions without bargaining with the union.
  • Ma It Easier to Vote the Union Out During a Contract Period

The Trump family are money addicts. They are devoid of emotion except about business, money, and power. They are robotic and uninvolved in the causes that affect the average American trying to make it to the middle class. Look at Trump’s accomplishments and the platform of the GOP, and you see only policies that benefitted the wealthy and large corporations. He sold the lie to the hungry, needy Americans that only he, a prosperous businessman, could save them from poverty. The saddest, cruelest aspect of cults and cult leaders is that they prey on the most vulnerable members of society. The Trump base will never prosper from supporting Donald Trump. The reality is that Trump is the one profiting off of donations from a base that is struggling to put food on the table. Trump supporters who deny Joe Biden is the legitimate President and yet accept the benefits resulting from the Biden Administration’s policies are a disgrace.

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