Mainstream Media Is Addicted To Covering Trump And In The Process They Have Become The Dominate  Feeder Of The Dangerous Propaganda They Say Is Destroying Democracy. Stop Showing His Rallies! They Spread Hate In The Image Of Hilter, Stalin, Mussolini And Kim Jong Un. Neuter Trump! Take Him Off The Airwaves. Allot Only A Five To Ten Minute Nightly Update On Trump Investigations And Crimes.

Most Americans cringe at the sound of Trump’s voice, the sight of his orange face, and his bad Elvis comb-over.  It’s been an exhausting six years of listening to his circus-barking, repetitive lies, conspiracy theories and childish grievances. Republican Trump allies have been reduced to weak political puppets equally exasperating to hear talk. The hateful rhetoric, the racism, the anger, and the violence is causing an epidemic of anxiety and depression throughout the general population.

Instead of silencing his oppressive, depressing, loud, assaultive presence, the media broadcasts every word he says or writes 24/7. Trump has Fox News to spread his lies and hateful rhetoric to those who align with his MAGA movement. Other networks who acknowledge the damage Trump and his political allies are inflicting on our democracy are causing further damage by compulsively repeating the poisonous rhetoric of Trumpism. He has become a cartoon, a cliche of himself. He repeats the same lies, conspiracy theories, and vicious threats over and over again with little or no variation. Millions of sane, patriotic Americans are tired of how sick they feel by constantly hearing Trump’s angry, nonsensical rantings over and over again in the media.

The Statue of Liberty weeps while minorities and immigrants are abused and rejected by the Trump Republican party. She cries as she watches the values that America was built on decimated by the racism, greed, and violence of the far-right MAGA cult led by Trump. The general population is begging the mainstream media to change how they report on Trump. They want his rallies and speeches banned from coverage. They want his social media posts ignored. They only want to hear updates on the investigations that promise to get him arrested once Attorney General Merrick Garland faces the harsh reality that he will be the first attorney general ever to indict a former president.
Networks that broadcast his whiny grievances on air are sucking the energy out of the spirit of Americans . He is an inspiration for hatred, divisiveness, and corruption. He offers no ideas to help Americans have a better, safer life. He talks only about how wronged he has been,  how America is failing, and how anyone not a Trump follower is an enemy of democracy. Listening to Trump is a waste of time on several levels. He knows nothing about the issues, nothing about the rule of law, and nothing about how to govern a democracy. For smart people he is a bore. For uneducated, gullible people he is a dangerous influence. For patriots he is infuriating and frightening. For non- MAGA Republicans, he is a disturbing embarrassment.

It’s past the time to ban coverage of Trump’s hate-filled appearances on camera and social media. The majority of Americans can’t stand the sight and sound of him. Children and adolescents should not be exposed to the hatred, racism, and lawlessness that Trump espouses. Trump and MAGA followers need to be marginalized in the media to protect against the normalization of autocratic, anti-democratic propaganda being circulated.

Even foreign countries observe how drained Americans are by their over-exposure to Trump. His loud, angry voice echoes worldwide, grating on the nerves of any nation of people unlucky enough to have cable tv or smartphones. Like any addiction, the obsession of a person is hard to break. The media justifies covering Trump’s constant pursuit of attention by calling it newsworthy.  However, with the mid-terms approaching, mainstream media should rethink whether the exposure they give Trump will influence voters who believe his lies to continue supporting him and MAGA candidates. 

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