Former President Donald “Hatred” Trump Delivered A Danger-To-Democracy, Autocratic Speech In Pennsylvania Yesterday Aimed At Inciting And Normalizing Violence Against Anyone Who Openly Opposes Him And His MAGA Political Movement.

Trump has never hidden who he is. His first move as president was to ban an entire race of people from our country. And the Supreme Court’s authority to do that signaled the cancer of hatred and genocide that Trump, Maga Republicans, and weakling members of the GOP now saw as the new America. He continued to reveal his perverted view of what the words “Make America Great Again”  means by vilifying Mexican and Central American immigrants and asylum seekers trying to enter the United States legally. Every time Trump speaks at a rally, he knows he is talking to uneducated, white supremacist, cult-vulnerable, racist, anti-government members of his base who share his hatred for a true democracy. His PT Barnum circus-style speeches successfully gaslighted a portion of the electorate that is now rightly viewed as supporters of an American dictatorship.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the emasculated wannabe seeker of the Speaker of the House role, falsified Biden’s “save the soul of America” speech by calling it an attempt to divide and destroy America. However, his attempts to portray Biden as a threat to democracy are comical and dangerous and humiliate him as a desperate puppet of Donald Trump and an enemy of our Constitution. The content of Biden’s speech couldn’t be further from what Fox and Trump’s surrogates call a dark, anti-democracy, anti-Republican speech. Every never-Trump, non-MAGA American has been waiting for President Biden to forego the old, buddy-buddy bi-partisan approach to his opposition to the MAGA movement. Trump and his political philosophy are un-American and are threatening our freedoms and the core foundations of what it means to be a democratic republic. It was past the time for the US president to say it out loud to the country and call for a unified movement of opposition.
President Biden was clear that the message of his speech was against the Trump- MAGA movement because its a racist, anti- LGBTQ, anti-law enforcement, anti- personal freedoms movement and a promoter of political violence. He repeatedly separated MAGA Republicans from mainstream Republicans. He attempted to unite, not divide Americans by rallying democrats, republicans, and independents to unite in support of protecting democracy from the election-denying, white supremacist wing of the Republican party. Biden was clear in his faith that America is a country where everyone can succeed because it is a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Trump’s America marginalizes minorities, immigrants, women’s personal freedoms, non- Christians, the disabled and the LGBTQ community. Trump’s view of America mirrors the view of former dictators of countries where crimes against humanity, restriction of personal freedoms and violence defined the philosophy of those governments.
Unfortunately, these statements are facts that prove Trump promotes  an authoritarian form of government over a democratic government. If the base would bother to look at history they would see Trump echoes the same hateful rhetoric of former and present murderous dictators. Phrases  calling the opposing party, ” enemy of the state”, calling the opposing media” fake news”, “calling fair elections ” rigged”and proclaiming only the leader can ” save the country” are authoritarian strategies to overtake democracies. How would Trump these crucial questions that could reveal him as a supporter of authoriatarianism:
  • Why did you take top secret, classified information from the White House and store them at Mara-a-Lago?
  • What did you plan to do with them?
  • Who else had access to them?
  • Why did you always agree with and compliment Vladimir Putin?
  • What is your proof that climate change is a hoax?
  • Why did you refuse to return ALL requested documents to the US government?
  • Do you believe those documents belong to you?
  • Who first came to you when you were a democrat and said if you become a Republican, you could become president?
  • Why haven’t you given your supporters hard evidence of fraudulent voting in the 2020 election?
  • If the base threatened to abandon you if you didn’t show proof of a stolen election, would you be able to show proof?
  • Do you realize only your base believes the election was stolen? (Not enough votes to win the presidency again!)
  • If your base threatened to abandon you unless you released your tax returns, would you do it?
  • Do you believe Republicans should not be expected to adhere to the laws in the Constitution, but democrats should?
  • Why do you like judges and law enforcement ONLY when they side with you?
  • How do you justify adultery?
  • Why did you eat and flush government records down toilets?
  • How many films about Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, And Putin Have you watched?
  • Do you realize the phrases you use to attack the American government are those used by former murderous dictators?
  • Did you think getting fake electors to steal the election was legal?
  • What will you do when you are charged with a crime?
  • Will you disclose records that show how you are spending donor money?
  • Why do so many of your attorneys and allies end up jailed or discredited?
  • If you run for president and lose AGAIN, would you call the election rigged?
  • How do you justify calling Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails a reason for her to be locked up and view your stealing of top-secret government documents and defying an FBI request to turn them over legal and acceptable?
  • Can you explain why you know when you’re lying and when you don’t?
  • If you are indicted, will you call for a civil war?
  • Why didn’t you stop the violence during the Capitol attack?
  • Do you realize you have been branded by the entire world (except your base) as the worst US President of all time?
  • Who would you rat on to the authorities to save your ass?
This is the most dishonest, contradictory photo Trump has used to dupe his non-critical thinking followers. He doesn’t love the founding father’s America. He loves the racist, Christian extremist, hateful, corrupt autocracy he is trying to replace the true America with: The America that stands for individual freedoms, equality for all, and the rule of law.

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