President Biden Delivered A Speech Yesterday Warning America About The Threat The MAGA Extremist Movement Poses To Democracy. He said, “Democracy cannot survive when one side believes there are only two outcomes to an election: either they win, or they were cheated.” On The Same Day, Trump Announced If Elected President Again, He Will Pardon The Insurrectionists. It’s A Crime. He Hasn’t Been Indicted.

Trump plans to reward MAGA insurrectionists with pardons. This traitorous move against America by a former president who won’t stop attacking our democracy cannot be allowed to go unpunished. Watching the United States restrained handling of Trump as he decimates the rule of law and America’s standing as a beacon of democracy is disgusting, embarrassing and weak.

The polar opposite of Trump’s traitorous rhetoric was Biden’s pro- democracy speech in Philadelphia. The speech stands proudly amongst the great speeches of former US presidents who stood up for democracy in the face of evil, hatred, and anti-democratic attacks. Biden is urging Americans to reject all MAGA candidates and their attacks on law enforcement, the rule of law, and the integrity of our democratic election system. Biden, like Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt is committed to the values embedded in the American Constitution. He alerted America to the threat that MAGA Republicans present to the survival of our democracy. Senators like Ben Sasse of Nebraska, Lisa Murkowsky of Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine and Mitt Romney of Utah are as detrimental to America as the MAGA Republicans. They cower in silence, refusing to campaign for democracy by publicly rising up against Trump and the anti- democratic MAGA GOP.

Definition of fascism: “Fascism is a form of government which is run from the top down by one man or one party that has complete control. Fascists control the population with strict laws and punishments. They control the economy and the media. Fascism uses propaganda to keep people believing what the leaders want. Fascists push nationalism, discourage immigration, dislike foreigners, are racist, and approve of violence if needed. The ideals of Democracy are a stumbling block to the dictator’s plans and goals. Fascists despise any form of government not run by a strongman or a small party which restricts freedom and rules with an iron fist.” (Facty)
In 1860 Abraham Lincoln declared America could not be seen as a democracy if it accepted the existence of slavery. He didn’t choose power or popularity over his commitment to defending the institution of democracy, which he believed slavery offended. In 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt declared war on Germany due to the Nazi’s pursuit of world domination. He warned the American people that although going to war was not preferred; the United States would go to war and fight the Hitler regime’s attack on humanity. In contrast, Donald Trump stole top secret government documents. He hid them at his home, approved placing false electors to illegally replace legitimate Biden electors with the goal being to overturn elections in the swing states that he lost, asked state election officials in Georgia to change the vote and steal Biden’s win, and refused to take action to stop a violent insurrection at the Capitol. Trump stands against democracy, and his intention to pardon insurrectionists reveals he wants to destroy, not protect, the democracy Lincoln and FDR designed and defended.
He is a performer, a con man, an attention whore, a power monger, and a fake. He is also a cult leader whose movement won’t end well but will destroy many lives before his inevitable fall from relevance occurs. His assault on democracy will scar America for years to come.

President Biden was politically cautious when he referred to the MAGA Republicans as “semi-fascist.” The Trump Republican party meets all the criteria of a fascist government. Declaring the results of a legitimate presidential election fraudulent and stolen by losing is a fascist maneuver. Organizing a coup to stop certifying the peaceful transfer of power from one president to another is an authoritarian, fascist act. Inciting violence in politics to suppress opposition and subvert democracy is what fascist regimes do. Enacting laws that marginalize minorities, block immigration, support a one-party system led by a dictator, and spread propaganda is how a fascist government operates. Trump violated the rules in the Constitution throughout his presidency and is continuing to do so. His allies in government supported his anti-democratic pursuit of power and enabled his fascist approach to governance in America. Biden was right to use the word “fascist” because American voters need to feel the fear of what a MAGA government would look like.

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