The Separation Of Church and State Was An Essential Political Concept The Founding Fathers Included In Our Constitution. However, The White Evangelical Christians, In Their Perverted Interpretation Of Jesus’s Teachings, Have Chosen Donald Trump As Their False God, And Have Brought Hatred And Racism Into Politics.

Donald Trump is the phony, faux God-figure to religious extremists who betray the beliefs of Jesus by supporting him. Trump has been known to ridicule evangelicals because of their blind loyalty to him.

In an article in the Dispatch in April of 2021, journalist David French wrote “many millions of Trump-supporting white Evangelicals no longer care about character (though a surprising number are still remarkably unaware of his flaws). That much is clear. But the story now grows darker still. As they’ve abandoned political character tests, they’re also rejecting any meaningful concern for presidential competence.”

French says the evangelicals base their political support on socials issues over the competence of political figures. The issues that involve the LGBTQ community, religious freedoms, and abortion are seen by evangelicals as what is most important to make America a reflection of their version of God. However, what they don’ t understand or disregard is “there are times when a president is so bad at other material aspects of his job that he becomes a malignant force in American life, regardless of his positions on white Evangelicals’ highest political priorities.”

Christians who excuse his ” sins” because he supports racist, misogynist beliefs are immoral, unholy and un-American. They are incompetent and should lose the right to vote.

Alt-right Christian politicians present a clear and present danger to democracy, decency, and national security. Rep. Adam Kinzinger commented today that “the crueler the Republican candidate is, the more likely they are to win a primary election.” This poisonous truth is a reflection of the hateful, cruel streak that emanates from Trump’s rhetoric and social and foreign policies. The most ruthless members of Congress who worship Trump’s racist, brutal behaviors and beliefs identify themselves as Bible-following Christians. The truth is they are hypocrites.

One of the most hypocritical, offensive, unqualified fake Christians in Congress is Marjorie Taylor Greene. She is mean-spirited, embraces racist ideology, and espouses abnormal conspiracy theories like Q&Anon. She doesn’t worship God, she worships a former president who tried to steal the 2020 election in several illegal ways and continues to lie about being the winner of the presidency. Taylor Greene, along with Reps. Lauran Boebert, Paul Gosar, Matt Gaetz, and Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz are among the fake Christians in Congress who align with evangelicals, not out of true faith, but for money and votes.

White Christian nationalism is unholy and promotes racism, violence, and civil war. Any candidate that promotes religion in our politics threatens what the American experiment is about. “Religious individuals frequently show little restraint from attempting to reshape our society. They often aspire to use laws to force everyone to comply with their faith-based thinking and give little thought to the negative repercussions that might result. There are always demands to bring prayer into school, and religious groups frequently want exemptions from laws designed to protect the population. ( Walter Rhein, October 2020).

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