Trump Supporters Know As Little About The Law As Their Incompetent Hero. Their Ridiculous Defense Of His Stealing Classified Documents Is That He Has The Authority To Own Them Because He Was The President. Additionally, They Assert That The Law That Ascribes Ownership Of Government Documents to the American People Is Wrong. That’s An Embarrassingly Dumb Statement.

Like Trump, his supporters don’t know the law. Neither seems to have read or comprehended the Constitution. The lazy MAGA supporters refer to one resource: The words that come out of Trump’s mouth. Trump loves his supporters commitment to calling any investigation against him phony and disloyal. Critical thinking is an essential ability for adults and leaders to possess. Trump lacks this capacity and so do his supporters.

The fact that millions of Trump supporters believe his lies, scams, and conspiracy theories is a bizarre social phenomenon. Trump is blatantly raising money for his personal use and pursuing power that $8 million American voters decided he didn’t deserve. His law-breaking behaviors have been revealed in the multiple investigations against him. They expose him on tape, video, or in writing violating the law. A first-year law student could win these cases. His crimes are provable violations of the Constitution. However, his cultish political approach has spread like cancer through the country because he campaigns in regions where evangelicals, the uneducated, and white supremacists live. There is a hateful, immature quality to Trump and his MAGA fans. He can buy their votes with anti-democratic lies, enticing promises, hateful rhetoric, and silly-looking merchandise to wear at high-school like pep rallies.
Trump’s claims of witchhunts, the press being the enemy of the people, fake news, and conspiracy theories originated in Putin’s Russia. Trump supporters can google this fact. However, they won’t because they don’t seek facts or recognize BS. A dictator defies the rules and norms they impose on others. Trump, the autocrat, has spread hyperbolic lies and false narratives to lure reality tv fans to his reality tv show political career. This current chapter of the Trump Show highlights his criminal mishandling and disrespect for government documents that the DOJ fears have compromised our national security. Trump’s psychological disorders lead him to the personal and political destruction that has destroyed prominent historical dictators.
America must stop engaging in king-like treatment of its presidents. It is unconstitutional to do so and invites corruption. This deference shown to a president almost destroyed democracy on Jan. 6th. This over-cautiousness about investigating or indicting a sitting or past president has contributed to Trump’s successful degradation of the Republican party. The argument to broaden the requirements to serve as a US president is now being debated. Trump as president proved his incompetence, criminality, and racism. As a result, millions of Americans support the idea that the criteria for being a US president should include vetting their knowledge of the Constitution and being evaluated for psychological pathology. Trump’s presidency went beyond just being “different.” It became a dark, anti-American, divisive, autocratic movement that corrupted one of our major political parties. It has been a member

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