President Biden Is Building Positive Momentum By Passing More Historical Legislation. The Senate Passed The $280 Million Dollar Chips And Science Bill And Is Soon To Pass The Inflation Act of 2022. 187 Republicans Voted Against The Chips Bill, Which Will Reduce US Dependence On Chinese Production Of Semi- Conductors. In Another GOP Destructive Move, 41 Republicans Voted Against The PACT Act, A Bill That Would Give Additional Health care Benefits To Veterans Suffering Medical Conditions Resulting From Exposure To Toxic Substances From Burn Pits. The GOP Has Morphed Into A Cruel, Vengeful Extremist Movement.

In retaliation for Democrats attempting to pass a climate, healthcare and tax bill through reconciliations, 41 Republicans voted to block the passing of the PACT Act. This bill would improve health care benefits for veterans exposed to toxic substances from burn pits in Afghanistan and Iraq. Comedian and activist John Stewart was enraged at the blocking of this bill calling out Republicans. He said, I’m used to the hypocrisy,” and used to “lies” and “cowardice” from members of Congress. 
“I’m used to all of it, but I am not used to the cruelty,” he said. This bill was the same version that passed in the Senate in June with a 84-14 vote. Stewart said the cruelty of delaying medical benefits for men and women who have put their lives at risk to defend our country exposes the Republucan party as hypocrites who serve in office for the power and not to do the right thing for Americans.
Another “big lie” is Republicans care about veterans. They love them as objects to send to war and abandon them due to their disingenuous excuse of fiscal responsibility. Trump spent the country’s money like a drunken sailor, but not on the veterans or the poor. MAGA Republicans like rich people, dark money, and power. Like Trump’s phony stunt of hugging and kissing the flag, Republicans claim to revere our vets while refusing to vote in favor of federal funding to help and repay them with services, not empty lip service. Worshipping the draft dodging ex-president who disparaged a war hero is evidence the GOP doesn’t respect our troops.

Republicans are supporting policies that expose their attempt to transform America from a diverse, democracy where all people are treated equal, into a white, Christian, racist, misogynistic, autocratic country that spreads propaganda, disinformation and promotes a culture of hate and violence. The new MAGA party, and the GOP wimps who disagree with MAGA but stay silent, betray the Christian beliefs that they use to win votes, not to do good. They would argue the policies they oppose are wrong and bad and that their positions are righteous. However it doesn’t take a scholar to identify patterns in their positions that are cruel and contradict their false claim of morality and Christian values..

The Trump Republican party is an extremist movement whose policy positions that demonstrate epic levels of hypocrisy. They proclaim being pro- life, however they oppose legislation that protects women’s health, the public’s safety from gun violence, veterans healthcare, and the safety of asylum seekers. The majority of Americans support a ban on weapons of war, support a women’s right to choose to obtain an abortion, and expanding health benefits for veterans. It is a no-brainer that the average citizen does not need military weapons like AR-15’s to defend themselves and to support the 2nd Amendment. However, Republicans are bought by dark money donations by the NRA and gun manufacturers. They choose that support over saving lives of children in schools and Americans worshipping, shopping and recreating in their communities. It is a no- brainer that women should have autonomy in making decisions about their bodies and healthcare decisions that impact their lives emotionally and financially. It’s a no- brainer that forcing a 10 year-old to birth a rapists child is barbaric. To mandate a woman to put her health or life at risk because abortion offends evangelicals is anti-Christian and will not last as an American policy.

Republican members of Congress Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Boebert blatantly declare, “America is a Christian, nationalist country.” Congress has become a haven for extremist, anti-American lawmakers and weak, complicit opportunist like, Mr. Morality Senator Ben Sasse, embarrass themselves and the country on a regular basis with their cowardice and hypocrisy.
Cassidy Hutchinson is a Republican of character, patriotism, intelligence, and dignity. Taylor Greene and Boebert are crass, wannabe lawmakers and conspiracy theorists who are embarrassments to Congress. Their seats should be occupied by decent, competent, deserving patriots, not by kiss asses to Donald Trump, the NRA, and evangelicals. Republicans worthy of our respect and thanks are lining up to testify against the “big lie” election deniers who supported the insurrection.

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