The Jan. 6th Hearing On Thursday Will Show Donald Trump Did Nothing To Stop The Attack On The Capitol Despite Possessing The Power To Do So. He Didn’t Order The Rioters To Leave The Capitol, Or Call For Additional Law Enforcement Despite Knowing They Were Armed, Out Of Control, And Calling To  “Hang Mike Pence.” He Was Overheard Saying, “Maybe He Deserves It.” He Thinks In A Violent, Homicidal Manner, And When Faced With A Decision To Protect The Lives And Safety Of Law Enforcement, Members Of Congress, And Democracy, He Doesn’t Act. Instead, He Encouraged An Episode Of “American Carnage.” We Will Hear More At The Hearing Thursday That He Enjoyed Watching The Violence. That’s The Epitome Of A Serious Disordered Character.

Autocracies use violence and intimidation to hold onto power. They revel in controlling people by using scare tactics and disinformation. They control the press, so people only know what the government wants them to know. Donald Trump is attracted to violence. As president, his most substantial feelings of admiration were for violent autocrats. He referred to violent white supremacist hate groups as ” good people” and told violent insurrectionists he ” loved them.” As president, he defended men accused of abusing women, and himself was once accused of raping his first wife Ivana and journalist E. Jean Carroll. He made statements encouraging police to bang the heads of people they were arresting as they placed them in the police car. He suggested security ” knock the crap” out of people at his rallies who opposed him and asked if the US military could shoot Mexicans at the border in the legs. He inquired about whether he could order shooting weapons at our ally Mexico. His ultimate love of violence, especially when in support of him, was displayed by how much he enjoyed the insurrection. He did nothing for 187 minutes as the violence escalated. The Jan. 6th Committee will present evidence on Thursday that he enjoyed watching it happen and even agreed with the mob that Mike Pence may be “deserved” to be hanged. Anyone who can’t see that Trump is psychologically impaired and dangerous is gullible, doesn’t love this country, and doesn’t support democracy.

Trump promoted violent, sexual rhetoric towards women in his Access Hollywood Tape with Billy Bush. His instincts are often aggressive and promote hitting, grabbing, shooting, arresting or seeking drastic revenge. Why would anyone vote for and trust a man to be president who admires dictators who are known murderers? Trump complimented Putin for his military strategy as he conducted a murderous invasion of Ukraine. He established an awkward attraction to the murderous dictator Kim Jong Un, often complimenting him in creepy ways. The Saudi Crown Prince, accused by US intelligence as ordering the murder of US resident and journalist Jamal Khashoggi is one of Trump’s idols.
At the phony, reality show “Stop The Steal” rally Trump instructed the mob rioters to “go to the Capitol and fight like hell”. It is degrading and dangerous for a US president to invite a mob and incite that mob to “fight” in an attempt to stop the legitimate peaceful transfer of power. He screams and waves his hands as he threatens those who oppose him. Exuding anger is how Trump tries to cover up his low self-esteem, pathological insecurities and character flaws. Anyone with a basic knowledge of psychology can see this, while gullible devotees of the one-term president think he is an admirable tough guy. That’s the real ” big lie.”
The testimonies at the Jan. 6th hearing Thursday promise to show how Donald Trump knew the mob was armed, encouraged them to go to the Capitol to fight and incited their anger to be aimed at VP Mike Pence. Trump has consistently demonstrated problems with impulse control. Witnesses have reported that he regularly threw dishes against the wall in the White House when angry. His unfitness for office, despite the adoration of his cult following, will be on full display for the country and the entire world to see.

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