“Biden Laments Post-Roe ‘Horror’ in the US And Signs Order on Abortion Access. He Advocates Seeking A Stronger Stand After Roe v. Wade Ruling Order Requires HHS To Detail Efforts To Expand Abortion Access.” ( Guardian, July 8). President Biden’s Executive Order Proves His Commitment To Protecting A Woman’s Right To Health And Reproductive Freedom. The President Is Also Urging Congress To Codify Roe As A Federally Protected Law And For Americans To Only Vote For Candidates That Protect A Woman’s Reproductive Autonomy.

Biden made a strong stand against the Trump- Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v Wade. Reuter’s report in an executive order. “The order directs the government’s health department to expand access to “medication abortion” – pills prescribed to end pregnancies – and ensure women have access to emergency medical care, family planning services and contraception. It also mentions protecting doctors, women who travel for abortions and mobile abortion clinics at state borders.” ( The Guardian, July 8, 2022). Despite Biden’s public outrage at the Supreme Court’s ruling, he is receiving criticism from Democrats for not acting sooner to put some protections in place for women. In Biden’s speech leading up to signing the order he said, ” What we’re witnessing wasn’t a constitutional judgment, it was an exercise in raw political power,” Biden told reporters at the White House. “We cannot allow an out of control Supreme Court, working in conjunction with extremist elements of the Republican party, to take away freedoms and our personal autonomy.” However, democrats need to stop denigrating Biden in a political climate that is dominated by a Republican movement gunning to destroy democracy.
Why can justices lie under oath during their confirmation hearings and keep their seats on the bench? Why isn’t lying under oath leading to the impeachment of these three extremist political appointees? Why are the religious beliefs of Supreme Court Justices allowed to influence the laws they pass or strike down. Is Attorney General Merrick Garland more concerned with restoring the DOJ’s tainted image caused by former AJ William Barr than defending the rule of law? As attorney general, Barr acted as Trump’s private attorney. He broke his oath and, along with other MAGA Trump loyalists, should be held accountable for it. Garland seems worried about political criticism and, as a result, avoids issuing public announcements of investigations or indictments for these government officials. Rudy Giuliani, Mark Meadows, and countless other government officials who played a part in the planning of the insurrection and the plot to steal the 2020 election should be herded off in handcuffs like Richard Nixon’s inner circle.

Americans are fighting back against the extremist, rogue Trump- Stacked Supreme Court. Sixteen sanctuary states are preparing to welcome seeking abortions from neighboring states. These states are working to put abortion protection laws into their constitutions as well as protections for contraception. The fanatical far- right religious Justices are seen as politicized puppets of the far-right and record low poll ratings show they are disrespected and devalued, and their rulings will be resisted and mocked. Democrats have been handed monumental bad narratives that they can use in their campaign ads against the corrupted Republican party in the mid-terms. However, if they don’t stop attacking Biden they will help the dangerous, anti-democracy Republicans regain power.

President Biden came through for women’s rights in the executive order he signed this week to strengthen access to abortions. In light of the ruling by the dishonored Supreme Court that struck down Roe v Wade, Biden has taken action. He is also considering declaring a national health emergency because of the risk posed to women by losing their reproductive freedoms. Because of the pressure, he is receiving from the democratic electorate and his empathic heart, Joe Biden will do what he can to fight the wave of despotism sweeping the country.


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