Prime Minister Boris Johnson Resigned Today After The British Parliament Pressured Him To Leave Office. The Government Decided To Oust Johnson For The Same Reason The US Republican Party Should Abandon Trump: Low Character. The British Conservative Party Chose Morality Over Party, A Choice The Corrupted US Republican Party Has Been Unwilling To Do Regarding Trump. With A Senate Who Refuses To Ban Assault Weapons, Overturned The Law Protecting A Woman’s Reproductive Freedom, And Refused To Impeach A President Who Led A Coup To Overturn A Presidental Election, America Is Failing.

The British have been wanting to get rid of Boris Johnson for years. Early into his term, his party realized he was corrupt, immoral, chaotic, unfit, and undeserving to be Prime Minister. His arrogance led him to host wild parties during the COVID lockdown, hire a man accused of sexual conduct into his government, and ask a Conservative donor to redo his house. Johnson and Trump have many similarities. Their abuse of power, immorality, and arrogance makes them leaders who degrade the integrity of their governments. Republicans in the US look weak today as Parliament stands up for morality; the US government bows to the despot with a comb-over. The US Congress didn’t dump Trump, but the people did. The Republican party continues to disgrace itself by supporting the immoral, dishonest, and former criminal president. They have overlooked his adultery, his tax evasion, his defense of men accused of sexual assault, his attempts to steal the presidential election, and his role in inciting the attack on the Capitol. Parliament modeled what America needs to do: Kick Trump out of politics.

The US government is broken. The Republican party has been taken over by the alt-right, Trump MAGA ideology. Racism, religious extremism, anti-women’s rights, political hypocrisy, criminality and immorality is now what the GOP represents. Because the government is broken, we cannot count on the Democrats being able to get moral legislation passed. So the people must go bold and bypass the government and damage the wallets of American oligarchs.
An essay by Mitch Trachtenberg suggested the bold action of doing a national labor strike to get the attention of those in power and those who control the powerful with money. Trachenberg says;

“We take back power by exercising the power we already have.  We do that by withholding our labor from a system that has not been honoring our wishes for the past several decades, a system which is now suggesting that individual liberty was just a fifty year old whim, reversible on the command of the justices recently appointed by a demagogue who was twice impeached, the last time for basically inspiring an attempted coup.  We go out on strike. From coast to coast.” The striking down of Roe V Wade was the motivation behind Trachenberg’s idea of the American people going on strike. Deciding how long it should last and how to organize it would require organization and people’s willingness to make sacrifices. However, Trachenberg believes a strike is worth trying because we have to restore womens’ autonomy over their bodies and money is what gets the attention of those in power.”
There are enough Republican, anti-Trump organizations to bring down Trump in the same style used by the British Parliament against Boris Johnson. The Lincoln Project, Renew America Movement, The Republican Accountability Movement, and Adam Kinzinger’s Country First are just a few projects organized by Republicans to rid our politics of Trump and his immoral ideology. However, these groups haven’t figured out how to unite their voices and tell Trump, “we are done with your dangerous game-playing, bye, get lost, your over.” These groups express two significant themes: 1) democracy is under attack by Trump, and 2) Americans of all parties must unite to end Trump’s power over the Republican party. The British were relentless in their message to Boris Johnson that they were done with him and they wanted him gone. Like the strike, the action taken by Republicans must have a “wow” factor.
When, where, and how does this message get delivered? The majority of the country believes this message is valid. The anti-Trump groups use the right words in their messaging. However, they are still trying to figure out what behaviors to employ to unite more significant numbers of people to surround the clown and say, ” you ‘re done.”

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