Another Mass Shooting In Highland Park, Illinois While Republicans Continue To the Promote Citizen Ownership Of Military Assault Weapons. They Prioritize Getting The Support Of Racist, Gun-Fanatic Republican White Men Who Dress-Up Like Members Of The Military, Ancient Barbarians, Or Cowboys Like Children On Halloween. The Public Safety Of Americans, Including Children, Is Not Of Interest To Republicans Or They Wouldn’t Allow Themselves To Be Owned By The Vampire-Looking NRA President Wayne La Pierre. Seven More Dead In Illinois By A Young White Man Who Easily Purchased A Weapon of War.

This photo speaks for every American who is traumatized, saddened and sick of the epidemic of mass murders by military assault weapons. This officers anguish at the gruesome destruction of human life he witnessed in Highland Park is palpable. The suspect is a 22 year-old white man who in the past had attempted suicide and threatened to kill his family and was legally cleared to buy assault weapons. His social media presence foreshadowed his plan to kill people. Despite the gruesome slaughter these assault weapons cause, Republicans continue to wrongly claim the right to own the 2nd Amendment protects these military weapons. The 2nd Amendment does not say guns of any kind are protected because of the clause “the right to best arms.” The guns the Founding Fathers were referring to were muskets. Federal laws to protect weapons of war are essential to Republicans. However, a women’s right to reproductive freedom, privacy, and the preservation of her freedom to make her own health decisions are federally revoked. Women will not comply with harsh, religious-based, extremist laws. The Court is now considered a corrupt, partisan antiquated institution to be defied.
What an embarrassment! Desperate, fantastic faux masculine Trump supporters dress-up in military costume to support the five- time draft dodger Donald J. Trump. It is clear Trump knows how to attract gullible extremists who target their hatred at every non-white, non-Christian, never-Trumper. They mirror the hateful, vengeful toxic masculinity of their cult leader Trump and look ridiculous doing it.
More Americans are dead in Highland Park, Illinois because the gun industry owns the majority of the Republincan party. The hypocrisy of the GOP is blatant. They will kill doctors and jail women to protect fetus’s yet they protect the right for citizens to own military assault weapons that kill and mutilate innocent Americans. There is mourning, anger, and inhumanity in our government. Corruption, opportunism and racism have spread like cancer throughout the Republican party. Americans have had enough of the NRA and Trump and his MAGA cult of religious fanatics, white supremacists, and conspiracy theorists. America is better than the low-lifes the GOP have allowed to overtake their party. The blood of the dead victims in Highland Park are on the hands of Republicans who support citizen ownership of military assault weapons. The wounded and the broken-hearted survivors in Highland Park massacre deserve to have the Senate reinstate a ban on assault weapons. Non-military men who say they need to own assault weapon are a red flag for danger to occur. There is nothing we can do to stop the pain that results from the trauma and life-changing experience of a mass shooting. However, we have to keep demonizing the NRA and conservative members of Congress who know Trump is an cold, lying Anti- American.
Repulsive, cold, power-hungry, corrupt. A friend of the former president and a reflection of the worst of America.

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