The Trump-Stacked Supreme Court Is A Political Arm Of The Radicalized Wing Of The Republican Party. Their Credentials Include Accusation Of Rape As An Adolescent, Religious Extremism, And Federalist Society Membership. Recent Court Decisions Prove The Court Is Attacking Privacy Rights Protected In The 14th Amendment, Destroying Laws That Protect The Environment While Making A Dangerous Decision To Expand Open Carry Gun Rights. They Are MAGA Judicial Radicals And A Resistance Movement Against This Court Must Organize.

In 2015, Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry called Trump “a cancer on conservatism”. In 2021, Republican House Representative Anthony Gonzales called Trump “a cancer on the country”. Everyone knows what cancer does: Nothing good. It kills, causes suffering, and destroys. The Trump cancer has spread to the Supreme Court and rulings are coming down that mirror the malignant, dark views of the most disturbed person ever to be a US president. Before he won office and amassed power through gaining the support of the extremist, racist, hypocritical wing of the Republican base, Republican politicians were united in their view of Trump as unfit and undeserving to be president of the United States. He was seen as a joke, a danger, an embarrassment, a bully, a clown, and indecent. However, the disordered, radical Republican party and the Court are governing and ruling based on extreme religious beliefs, racism, misogyny, a perverted view of the 2nd Amendment, voter suppression goals, and a disrespect for the environment. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS ACTING LIKE TRUMP’S CHEMOTHERAPY, KEEPING HIM ALIVE TO POISON OUR COUNTRY.

Republicans like Senator Mitch McConnell are malignant hypocrites. The current makeup of the Supreme Court reflects this truth in their recent rulings. Hypocrisy should disqualify people from holding public office. It is a character flaw that is dishonest, dangerous, manipulative, and opportunistic. When proven to have occurred, hypocritical acts of lawmaking and rhetoric should automatically result in removing elected officials from office. Recent rulings by the Trump-stacked Supreme Court expose the hypocrisy that is endangering the rights and safety of millions of Americans and the planet. Recent Court rulings reveal hypocritical practices of the Republican majority on the Court. They vehemently care about some rights while destroying those they don’t like.

  • New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v Bruen (6-3 Opinion by Justice Thomas, joined by Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett on June 23, 2022. Summary: Declares open carry gun rights as self-defense right protected by the 2nd Amendment. Impact: Increases potential for random violence and mass shootings.
  • Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization (6-3 Opinion by Justice Alito, and joined by Chief Justice Roberts, Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett on June 24, 2022.  Summary: Strikes down 50-year, constitutionally-protected law giving women the right to obtain an abortion. Impact: Endangers the physical and mental health of women and violates privacy rights protected by the 14 Amendment.
  • West Virginia v the Environmental Protection Agency (6-3 ruling) Summary: Limits the federal government’s authority to regulate carbon emissions from power plants. Impact: Negative impact on the environment and climate control.
The United States has become a country of hypocrisy. We were founded on values that welcome immigrants, believes all people are created equal and profess a loyalty to the Constitution that supercedes party affiliation. However, a radicalized Republican party is destroying what we have always stood for as a country and are being aided by the Trump-appointed justices. There are aggressive reactions occurring by the public due to the politically-based assaults on human rights by these justices. Although the wheels of justice usually move slowly to protect the safety and public health of the average American, the fearful justices have been blessed with swift legislative action to protect them from the threat of retaliatory violence. The pretense of equal protection under the law by Republicans is hypocrisy on steroids.
Where is the protection for a woman’s reproductive and healthcare rights ? Where is the protection for all Americans to have easy access to vote? Where are the measures to protect people from the dangers of a rampant pandemic? Where are the gun safety protections for children in schools, religious worshippers, people grocery shopping? Where are the environmental measures to protect the health and safety of Americans from climate change and air and water pollution? These Court justices were quick to welcome protection from lawmakers when threatened by the presence of an American who was lingering near one of their homes carrying a court-protected, beloved AR -15 weapon.
They lied to get confirmed. Lying under oath is against the law. They made statements indicating they respected precedent regarding Roe v Wade, then voted to keep Trump’s promise to overturn the law that federally protected a woman’s right to reproductive freedom.

A movement to disassemble this radical court must organize. Their character, credentials, and allegiance to their political party over the Constitution must be attacked in the media and by the public. The rebellion against these Trump- justices must be as pervasive and powerful as the resistance movement against Trump and the dangerous MAGA ideology. The threat of physical violence is not encouraged or supported. However, a relentless campaign to impeach them for lying under oath during their confirmation should start. Additionally, tenacious media coverage should occur about each of their political and religious affiliations that puts into question their ability to be objective interpreters of the Constitution and protectors of the rights of “all” Americans.

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