Senator Elizabeth Warren Sent A Letter To President Biden Signed By 23 Senators With A Plan To Fight Back Against The Overturning Of Roe v Wade. It Will Be Unacceptable For President Biden To Give Verbal Outrage On The Ruling Without Matching His Words With Bold Action. Biden Must Set Aside The Old Ways Of Doing Politics Where The Two Parties Play By The Same Rules. The Republican Party Led By The Corrupt, Power-Hungry Mitch McConnell And Lacky, Liar Rep. Kevin McCarthy Fight Dirty. Forget The Old Boys Club Thing Mr. President, And If You Can’t, Let Kamala Do What Needs To Be Done.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Calls on The White House To Take Bold Steps To Protect A Woman’s Right To Reproductive Freedom. Warren Showed Her Outrage Prior To The Ruling And Drafted A Letter Signed By 25 Senators Requesting Action By The President To Use The Full Force Of The Presidency To Protect Abortion Rights For Women.

The letter by Warren expressed specific demands and recommendations, including:

“We urge you to immediately issue an executive order instructing the leaders of every federal agency to submit their plans to protect the right to an abortion within 30 days. Americans across the country are at risk of losing their fundamental rights, including their constitutional right to abortion protected for generations. They deserve no less than a whole-of-government response.” ( MS Magazine, June 13, 2022).

Additional suggestions were:

  • Increasing access to medication abortion. 
  • Providing resources for individuals seeking abortion care in other states, such as vouchers for travel, childcare services and other forms of support.
  • Establishing a reproductive health ombudsman at the Department of Health and Human Services to educate the public and analyze data about access to reproductive services.
  • Enforcing the “Free Choice of Provider” requirements guaranteeing Medicaid beneficiaries the freedom to seek family planning services from their provider of choice.
  • Clarifying protections for sensitive health and location data to prevent the sale of personally identifiable information from websites and apps (such as period trackers) in states that criminalize reproductive decision-making.
  • Using federal property and resources to increase access to abortion, such as providing federal employees with paid time off and reimbursement for expenses necessary to access abortion.

“Democrats need to use every tool at their disposal to protect women and their constitutional right to an abortion. President Biden’s executive authority to marshall the resources of the entire federal government is one of our most powerful tools.” wrote Warren in her letter to the White House.  Now is the time to act,” said Warren. 

The Fight for Abortion Rights in Post-Roe America is the cry from Senate Democrats.

This fanatical, radicalized dangerous governor is just one of the many symptoms of a Republican party that has become enemies of democracy and decency. Let’s be clear. Women are not going to have their rapist’s or incestuos father’s babies. Sorry to disappoint the Jesus- disappointing evangelicals, mobster-like misogynists, and members of Congress who got emasculated by Trump. Yes, it will be harder and more expensive to obtain those abortions, but women and families will not obey abusive, life-crushing laws. The victory to kill Roe v Wade is hollow, as women and men who love and respect women, will maintain “choice” despite an America that is infected with cancerous, sociopathic MAGA Republicans.
Republicans cry support for states rights, unless the right is about guns or abortion. Leader of the hypocrisy is Senator Mitch McConnell. He is responsible for the epic corruption that has damaged and weakened the US government for decades. He is dishonest. He is hypocritical. He is anti- bipartisanship. He is opportunistic. He is cruel. He is arrogant. If he didn’t live in a state that was functioning at the 5% level of economics and education, he wouldn’t be a senator racking in money off the backs of constituents and Russia. He would be making animal balloons at the mall.

Trump supporters resent being called deplorable. So what adjective do they think accurately describes people who support, believe in, and encourage leaders to break the law, be violent, and lie? Trump supporters resent being called stupid or gullible. So what other adjectives would describe a person who believes fantastical assertions without evidence being presented? The “big lie” has not only not been proven to be accurate; it has been disproven by compelling, indisputable evidence. Maybe being a cult member explains the phenomenon of the devoted Trump base.

Democrats need to hold Biden to his words. He must be forced to assemble a task force to develop strategies to increase access to abortion medication and open more clinics as conservative states close them and enact vicious policies that endanger the lives, health, and livelihood of women.

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