The Jan. 6th Hearing This Week Revealed Trump Played An Active Role In The Capitol Rioters Intention To Kill Vice President Mike Pence At The Insurrection. After Being Told That He Lost The Election, Trump Pressured Pence To Break The Law And Not Certify The Electoral Vote. Pence Defied Him. Trump Was Aware The Rioters Were Looking To Harm Pence. He Knew They Were Chanting ” Kill Mike Pence” And Responded By Saying, “Pence Deserved It.” Donald Trump’s Sociopathic Targeting Of Pence Could Have Ended In Murder. The DOJ Has To Do Their Job And Choose Democracy Over The Fear Of Criticism For Indicting A Former President.

It’s ironic that the most whiny, sissy President in US history called Vice President Mike Pence a wimp for doing his constitutional duty. Mike Pence chose to defy Trump’s pressure to commit the illegal act of negating the votes of millions of Americans and in doing so became the target of the murderous, insurrection mob. Despite being aware that Trump had incited the mob to see him as a traitor to the country and incited violence against him, Pence fulfilled his constitutional duty and certified the official, democratically awarded electoral vote count to Joe Biden. The so-called “wimp” showed courage and integrity on Jan. 6th, while the weak, faux strongman lied about winning an election that his inner circle of Republican lawyers, aides, and judges told him HE LOST! Criminal charges seem imminent for Trump as the testimonies are proving Trump knew he lost, knew the mob was endangering the lives of Mike Pence and other members of Congress, and knew his white supremacist, violent mob would believe the ” big lie” and would be willing to violently try to “stop the steal”. Any American who continues to support Trump despite his behavior on and leading up to the attack on the Capitol is complicit in his crimes against democracy. Interviews with the rioters at the Capitol on Jan. 6th revealed their racism, gullibility, ignorance about democracy, cultish worship of Trump and violent tendencies. The extremist wing of the Republican base reflect the severe mental pathology of Donald Trump.
Throughout the Trump presidency, Mike Pence was a complicit sycophant in supporting Trump’s racist, elitist, anti- Constitutional policies. His ass-kissing is legendary and an embarrassing part of his tainted political legacy. However, on January 6th, Pence recovered his courage, morality, and integrity and chose patriotism and self-respect over loyalty to the corrupt Donald Trump. Remaining Trump’s Vice-President has damaged the integrity of the self-avowed super-Christian. However, on Jan. 6th, Pence chose patriotism and the rule of law over Trump’s needy, illegal scheme to overturn the results of a legitimate American presidential election.
This comment from one of the most conservative judges ever to sit on the bench should alert Republicans to reject Trump, his allies, the ” big lie” and the entire MAGA movement.

During his testimony last week at the Jan. 6th Committee hearing, retired conservative appeals court judge Michael Luttig referred to Donald Trump and his allies as ” a clear and present danger to the American democracy.” Luttig is a legendary, highly renowned conservative judge revered by his party. John Eastman, the Trump attorney who developed the plan to overturn Biden’s presidential victory, once clerked for judge Luttig. In a June 16 article by NPR, the former judge called Eastman’s legal opinion on the election “wrong at every turn.” The article also cites Judge Luttig’s criticism of another former clerk, Senator Ted Cruz, for his support of Trump’s plot to refuse to have the election certified. Judge Luttig is known for being a super- conservative and his opposition to Trump has many Republicans listening to his warnings about the ” big lie” and MAGA politics. The NPR article cited the two reasons why Luttig broke with his party’s supportive stance on Trump and the lie of a stolen election. They are:

  • the Republican National Committee’s resolution calling people associated with fake electors as engaging in “legitimate political discourse” and its censuring Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for their roles on the House panel;
  • and Trump’s public attacks on Pence for saying he couldn’t overturn the election and on Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell over his criticism of the RNC.

The hearings continue to reveal evidence of the crimes Trump committed during and leading up to Jan. 6th. They include:

  • oversaw and coordinated” an unlawful plan to overturn the 2020 election
  • Defrauded his voters to donate to the Election Defense Fund which doesn’t exist
  • Perpetuated a fraud against the United States by knowingly lying about the election being stolen from him
  • Asked election officials in Georgia to find him enough votes to overturn the Georgia election in his favor

The witnesses in the Committee hearings are all distinguished career Republicans who recognize that Trump is corrupt and dangerous. This investigation is not a democratic witchhunt. Instead, it is a bipartisan attempt to stop the scam and to neuter the power of Trump and his base of voters who have turned against democracy and support the transformation of America to an autocracy (as long as the dictator is Trump). Thankfully, we are watching the slow but inevitable fall of Trump at the hands of his former political allies.

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