Republican Members Of Trump’s Inner Circle Revealed That Trump Was Told By Credible Advisors And Allies That He Lost The Election. He Refused To Accept Being The Loser, And Replaced Competent Professionals With A Clown Show Of “Yes Men” Like Rudy Guiliani. Rudy Started The “Big Lie” By Telling Trump To Just Tell His Followers That He Won. The “Big Lie” Has Made Schmucks Out Of His Supporters And Grifted Them Out Of Over $250,000,000. Another Lie Was That Their Donations Would Be Used For Fighting His Election Fraud Cases In The Courts.

Election expert attorney Ben Ginsberg, Bjay Pak, US Attorney in the Northern District of Georgia, Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien and Al Schmidt, a former Philadelphia city commissioner. All of these expert witnesses testified that Trump’s claims of election fraud were false. These witnesses were staunch Trump loyalists with no political agenda to destroy his political standing. Unlike Trump’s second and third string teams, these men are qualified election legal experts chose democracy over the partisan corruption of their party.

Been Ginsberg said Trump abused the legal process to assert the ” big lie”. Additionally, he said the former president never proved any of his claims of fraud in court and over 60 judges through out his cases. Mr. Pak testified he chose to resign after hearing Trump planned to fire him after he declared no fraud was found in the Fulton County election. Bill Sepian, a campaign manager for Donald Trump, appeared at the hearing via prior taped testimony which revealed he told Trump the indicators showed he would lose the election. He also told Trump those advisors telling him he won were misleading him. Al Schmidt testified that after Trump tweeted attacking him for not embracing the “big lie”, the lives of his family were threatened by Maga- loyalists. Under Trump, the US government was run like a crime family of dangerous, cultish goofballs and faux strong men who were all about gaining power, money, and transforming our democracy into an autocracy.

The next book by Trump should be, ” The Art of the Scam”. The Jan 6th Committee revealed Trump claimed the $250 million he raised from his supporters would go to a bogus project called the Election Defense Fund, however it was used to promote other political agendas. By the time his schemes get found out, scores of people have already been ripped off such as Trump University students and Trump Organization Charity donors. The “big rip-off” will be denied and lied about by Trump, Fox, and Republicans seeking public office, however evidence will be presented that it happened and is still happening. The question is will those who have been duped finally stop supporting Trump and the ” big lie” .

Former Attorney General William Barr continues to be one of the most damning witnesses to Trump. During the 2nd Jan. 6th committee hearing, more taped testimony by Barr was shown. It was chilling to hear Barr describe Trump’s inability to accept the fact he fairly lost the election.

Barr’s accounting of Trump’s delusional beliefs about winning the election that he lost is upsetting for another reason: The attorney general kept quiet during the many times Trump acted corrupt, delusional and impulsively while in office. Barr’s obsession with the idea that the US president should possess unrestricted powers led him to be an enabler of the assault on America’s democratic norms and laws.
The testimonies reveal the pathologically high levels of impulsivity and gullibility that Trump exhibited leading up to the 2020 election, after he lost, during the lead-up to the insurrection and the “stop the steal” hoax. Disgraced and professionally sanctioned attorneys Rudy Guiliani and Sydney Powell convinced Trump he won the election without proof of their bogus assertions of fraud. The “Pillow Guy” conspiracy theorist asserted significant influence over Trump during the COVID pandemic and in developing the ” big lie” movement.

The Jan. 6th Committee findings are making history. The amount of hard evidence presented exposes Trump as the most corrupt, anti- democracy president in US history. The investigation also reveals that a dangerous cult movement, MAGA, has overtaken the Republican party and electorate. The Republicans showing up to testify about the insurrection, the 2020 election, and the “big lie” are the patriots we have needed since Trump took office.

Take your party back! These conservatives respect the Constitution and American values.

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